Well in Jan 2010 Ray was the only person who felt that he is the busiest person on this planet and way more happy with his life. Living in 1bhk flat with 8 members, eating outside food, early to bed and early to rise law, gym and fun with closest buddies.

It’s the last semester of engineering for this Happy-go-Jolly bachelor Ray. The training season is on-going. When other people paid to get trained Ray got paid to get trained in his field. Its time for heavy winter, jackets and great food – favorite season of Ray. Gym-ing used to be passion for Ray.

Orkut was about to expire and Facebook had acquired entire market. Everyone is getting socialized by these ways , people coming more and more closer, world is becoming more and more small, distance is getting decreased by rate of internet between people, and atmosphere is getting more and more darker. ;) Whereas “The city of dreams” – Bombay, life is like bullet trains which run actually on local trains. Honda passion plus is only ride with Ray and Ray was way more happy with his own way.

Well about Ray, he is most lively person in his world, everything is good, mom-dad both are government servants, earning of them is well enough to have a happy and enjoyable life. Ray is getting paid by his training and used to require more money from parents till now. At the time of his bachelor last sem Ray got job placement in MNC, so had secured his future fully, finally the first milestone is achieved. He is having deepest attachment with his sister who got married to a Geek – Computer Professional and got settled in Germany. Ray was happy, single ( :D ) and 23, way alone in his happy world. And as I mentioned being alone is not allowed in world of Facebook, so Ray was also searching for a perfect person from his social web – Facebook.

It was the time of March when Ray got some mails from his junior, a girl named Veronica. Oh..! I forgot to mention Veronica.  She was the most beautiful and intelligent girl from college, and how did she know Ray? Well Ray used to take some expert lectures in his own college to get attention from faculties and chicks as well and this is the reason our miss Veronica came to know him well ;). A long way to go Ray. Replying mails of the technical topics, Ray started involving in day to day life of Veronica and started knowing more about each other. And by this all Ray came to know that the girl he was thinking about, a princess from clouds was actually on earth and “down to earth” and far more better than her looks from outside. As this was the era of “SMS”, chatting life started to indulge these duo more and more into one another, personal things no more remained personal and secrets between these “falling for” one another started to communicate overcoming every barriers. None of them want to be in love or in any silly damn thing. True friendship and frankness were at their best and they too enjoyed.

May started, summers, season of mangoes, heat and short clothes… ;) And in India specially in west side from where Ray actually belongs to – Ahmedabad, its known as vacations. :P Ray was enjoying the “relax mode” as training got executed successfully and he was now a “Bachelors”. Whole day at home makes man of no use. So only thing in hand is music, masti and chatting and while chatting Ray simultaneously asked Veronica to meet for the very 1st time and go for some outing. As its 1st meeting Veronica said “no outing”, we will just meet and pass some time together. Ray directly agreed because he never thought or expected that veronica will even try to meet.

But as god decided, Ray’s unexpected day came to meet Veronica. As a part of perfect preparations, Ray cleaned his car, brought new pair of clothes and set him-self as its said “The first impression is the last impression”. Veronica was living by the most Porsche area of Ahmedabad – C. G. Road. Ray went there by his dad’s car – Hyundai i20. Veronica was standing by showroom of Remanika, which used to be her favorite for wardrobe. Ray parked his car aside and looking 360 degree, while from a side Veronica came and hit him on his head and said I’m here Dude. OMG..!! How lovely and sexy she was looking, a smiley face with Priyanka Chopra type hairstyle dressed in yellow spaghetti top and blue Capri just above her knees. White Nike shoes and OMG he is still staring her neckline from which sunshine was reflecting on her face smoothly by which Ray gave her name Sunshine. He directly controlled himself from falling and said ‘Hey… come let’s go in my car’. He took her to only 5-star hotel in entire city TGB ‘The Grand Bhagvati’ and as its afternoon time he was thinking to have some snacks and cold drinks. They talked more than 2 hours, passed time like they are friends from years, and both not knowing what’s going on, just enjoying those moments and sharing each other’s life and incidents.

After that Ray dropped her nearby her home again at C G Road and came back. Both were so excited to meet and finally day came to end. The days of phone calling, SMS, e-mails, chatting were passing and again both fixed second meeting but this time one more guy came into picture named Chang, he was Ray’s best cousin as well as friend. From childhood both at least spend every vacations and holidays together and this was the last they spend together.

So at 2nd meeting again Ray selected the same place, all 3 went TGB again. And as you are also thinking Veronica also asked the same. ‘Why this place again? ‘Ray replied your family restrictions and mine not allowing us to meet in city so safe and secure its SG highway and not much people of our families come here. Veronica was impressed by the way of thinking and his caring nature for family values. And as I said 3rd person started talking more with Veronica made Ray more comfortable at 1st that Veronica like his friends too but later it converted into possessiveness so Ray completed the meeting early and stopped both from interacting more and all went back to home. By the end of the day at night Chang asked Ray, Dude you really like her right? Ray never knew that thing he like that girl but he already liked her most but he replied … no there’s nothing like that bro. But for the first time, he starting thinking about Veronica, the way she smiled, the way she moves her hairs got him overwhelmed, like lighting up the world and the best smile on his face came which came very rare in entire life. And with that thoughts and smile day ended.

While at Veronica’s side, she lived in her relative’s place in Ahmedabad. So whole day alone without family and the person was only Ray so again chatting and calling made her busy and more interactive with Ray. Meetings were also keep on counting 3rd , 4th , 5th and more the meetings counted, more things were shared, closeness of relations increased, frankness and honesty with trust at its best. Living life like they are only two human on this planet.

Move to chapter 2 to know what happened next with RAY!

Waiting for your acknowledgements…!!!


  1. Great job. Your story caught my interest. Great decision that you chose to make it available on Movzio. I’ll be waiting for the next parts in continuation.

    You go Raxit! :)

    Stay happy and healthy.


    • Thanks shivi… :-) Next parts are coming soon. ..may be within a week. ..stay tuned. ..
      Viva la Rock and Roll

  2. congrats pal!.. The way you write you make one impossible to skip an eye. You know quite well how to tell a story. Best wishes for your upcoming writeups.


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