Oh how can I forget this beautiful evening when I was a part of the victory, victory of Gujarati named Narendra Modi

Then came the beautiful evening. The area seemed to be exploding with people. People were moving in groups carrying with them all their enthusiasm and excitement to see their ever fascinated person Narendra Modi, their common man (CM) as their PM (Prime Minister). It seemed as if the breeze totally had a different aroma, aroma of victory.

Thousands of people flew from different parts of the city to just have a glance of Namo. It was no less than a Diwali celebration in the city. After reaching there there were masses of people cheering “Modi….Modi….” , “Vande Mataram” and “BharatMata ki Jay”..!!!

There was a beautiful anchoring and a melodious evening being by Fareeda meer and Yogesh Gadhvi depicting the beautiful colours of Gujarat and Gujarati. Yogesh Gadhvi begun to split his melodious voice singing one of the beautiful poem “Jaan ni jod sakhi nai jade re…..”. the people were singing along with him on Javerchand Meghani – a renowed Gujarati poet and writer’s poem describing the moment of pride which Narendra Modi’s mother might be feeling at the moment. A son who got blessed and got a golden opportunity to serve his motherland India. That poem “Aabh ma ugyo chandlo ne, jijabai ne avya baad re….” drove the public to the peak state of emotions. There were a series of garba songs, poems and lyrics sung by them. People were rocking and rolling with all the fun and entertainment they could possibly donate.

The thousands of eyes were constantly over the staircase of the stage from where Namo was going to pitch the stage. As soon as he arrived people’s cheers and blessings gained an all new different momentum to welcome him. The orientation changed totally over a single axis i.e Namo. People were watching a live example of a “Chai-vala” turning to out to be the Prime Minister of India, a manager of one of the world’s largest democracy.

He came over the stage congratulating all of us with his typical smile. He congratulated the BJP leaders and his honest and loyal voters. He thanked for all the love and support he has got till date from his “Jaanta”. He shared some beautiful stories of how close Maninagar is to him. A place where he used to go for morning walks, have tea in the evening time and have his lunch and dinner in tiffins. He shared a beautiful story behind Maninagar’s Railway junction which is going to finish its century by 2015. He told us that how a Gujarati has been ruling over the lands since ages and that too so efficiently and seamlessly. He also talked about our varied culture of Gujarat which has proved to the world that what can a common man and that too with a hashtag of gujarati can do. He promised every spectator to give his best when he has got such a great opportunity to serve his nation.

There was such a huge aerodrome only and only of a single name that is “MODI”. The MODI-ism was a clear vision of a bright future of our country. He not only won the hearts of people but hypnotized people’s thinking with his crystal clear vision to see India’s substantial and sustaining, potential growth and development.

At last he bid farewell to everyone and the speech ended by bursting fire-crackers giving the feel of Diwali in the atmosphere.

Lets celebrate this rejuvenated MODIfication and MODI-ism and move the growth of our country hand to hand.


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