Weekend? Party? Birthday ? Anniversary ? Want to rock party ? Yah..!! We all want to celebrate our precious occasions but always a big question, Where? What we need? Food? A good restaurant with nice ambience? Is that enough? No, Music is soul of all celebrations. And what I’m sharing here is nothing but information about party locations and restaurants, where we “Amdavadis” people can rock on and for any budget ranges.

Presenting, Musical Restaurants of Ahmedabad to sway upon.


One of the best solution for small place and perfect theme along with music is “café unplugged”. Unplugged is situated near LD engineering college, which is at the center of city which is possible for people to reach by time. For music lovers, and for all those who want to spend less and enjoy more, this restaurant cum cafe is for you. Entire black ambiance with all famous rock music titles on wall and typical western style brown coffee tables and typical yellow lighting gives elegant touch to it. Boss music system and a touch screen DJ with all music controls, gives people options to choose their own music and keep volume as high as they want. Talking about menu card, which is having indo-western snacks veg-non veg along with colorful mock-tails and blended coffees. Best attraction of this cafe is four days a week musicians and artists come and perform live to entertain people and gain some popularity, So it also provides stage for upcoming musicians and bands as well.

People can come and enjoy music with good food and all their buddies, which allows open mike & karaoke type fun which also add extra stars for it. All these in normal budget, infect lesser then cafe-coffee-day & Barista-Lavasa. In short it is all in one package for a hangout place. Since long I was waiting for this kind of café in Ahmedabad and now its unplugged which is nothing but root of upcoming hard-rock café in Ahmedabad.


Hey, Wanna dance ? Welcome to best DJ experience one can ever have in the entire city of Ahmedabad. Yeah, I’m talking about a restaurant whose music will drive you crazy with 40,000 watts of JBL sound, surrounded with sound absorbents and sound proof walls situated at Balaji Agora Mall which is situated near S.G. highway.

It’s a Club kind of theme, with entire black exterior with blue lighting, where small and big round tables are situated in “hole” kind of infrastructures, through which everyone can see the centered DJ but can’t see each other’s tables. Spirits of soul is basically a Mexican restaurant, which is having limited Mexican menu with some continental snacks and drinks. But its main attraction is its DJ and ambiance with 3 huge screens which is on front top side of restaurant. Spirits of soul welcomes best DJs from entire India. It is nothing but best party location with worth DJ experience.

For me its ambiance and sound system is only the thing, about food quality its too much better for Mexican lovers but its lacking of other items because out of 10 people at least 5 want different cuisine whereas here they are left with no other option. About Rating


Date? Anniversary? Or any good occasion with your Boy-Friend/Girl-Friend? Always we want to make (our special ones) him/her feel special & where we should take them in this city of Ahmedabad? “Souq Bistro and grills” is perfect combo for you.

When word exotic is used for any musical restaurant Souq is it. Royal environment and a place with ambiance of Modern touch walls with impressive shadow lighting will make it perfect 10 restaurants in all possible ways. About Music, souq calls awesome and famous artists from entire India to perform, Dipti sharma, Meddy, Jojo and so many best singers with good musicians that will give you best experience of live music you can ever had. About ambiance it’s having two sided walls one is most Modern and another is most royal. Both side of the restaurant is providing full luxury feel for all customers and interior designer gave his heart for making it beautiful as he can.

About food quality souq serves from best chefs from Ahmedabad for continental and all exotic cuisines at best quality of food and service that you ever hog, before in city. Though its too costly in comparision to other restaurants for same category but who checks the price on special occasions? ;) :P

Overall, in my way its best thing can ever get in Ahmedabad, Located in area of Thaltej, Acropolis mall. About ratings

You are heartily welcomed to share your experience of food in any good restaurants if I am missing one. Because I am a foody person and always n search of a great food accompanying music.

After you. :) Waiting for your reviews and suggestions. :)


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