Have you been fond of watching Bollywood movies? If you not then no problem, we are not dealing with any such thing. Recently the market of marriage is buzzing with really hot news about a typical big fat Indian wedding which took place in Las-Vegas recently.

We all have encountered businessman like Ambani and Tata investing some crores when getting some deal done but haven’t until now encountered something called an expense of about 550 crore in the wedding itself. Oh Yes, you heard that right, there took place an conspicuous Indian wedding of Pankaj Malani and Avnie Patel which redefined the way people look over expenditure and the eminence wedding an INDIAN FAMILY can possibly have. This Indian wedding gained a place in WEDDING arena because of the ostentatious, grandiose and magnanimous proceedings of making two lives bind into a single knot.

Recessions never are able to move the cheeze when it comes to INDIAN WEDDINGS.

You might find it a joke on the very first read but you will believe the wedding having taken place in real after watching the video below.

Right from the mehendi to the wedding reception everything was bind by the term called GRAND.

It was no less than a Raja-Maharaja type of wedding where the lovely couple Pankaj- Avnie plunged into taking a decision to finally convert two loves into a single by tying knots through the Indian rituals. This couple comes from two well-known business families from Houston, Texas. The couple’s main concern was of course to have a grand destination wedding and there can be nothing better than choosing the “Vegas”.

So, finally that day came when the much awaited mind-blowing celebrations began with the commencing of a weekend filled with rocking and rolling dance moves and music. There was a flabbergasting integration between the Marwari and Gujarati rituals. The wedding which became the big buzz and fuzz in whole America can only be dreamed.

There were in all 600 guests out of which 200 were flown to the grand Cosmopolitan Hotel at Bellagio, through a chartered jet from Houston. The wedding venue was in itself costing about $500,000. It was indeed filled with mesmerizing colors and Indian festivities. Pankaj and all the Baraat were welcomed by Avnie’s parents and relatives with a pomp and revelary and from where luxurious Limousine Hummer took them to the hotel.

The day of wedding was acoustic enough when Pankaj as a groom made the Maharaja Style entry on a bejeweled elephant costing around $10,000 transported from Perris, California.

During the walk through the driveway, the dancing fountains played the rhythms like Luck be a Lady and Viva Las Vegas. It was indeed a matter of concern on the part of engineers to inspect whether the driveway would be able to tolerate all the weight of such an enormous animal. There was a total jaw-dropping moment for all those estimated 5000-8000 of onlookers.

The very well known and renowned chef was given a challenging task of baking a 10 tier cake for this grand ambience and event and ofcourse not to forget for the grand couple. It took him 2 weeks to portray that royal cake on the day of the wedding. Everything rightly matched with the natural fragrance of the decorations made by those flowers costing of about $150,000!

There was a theme typically based on The Great Gatsby style as the couple was fond of playing poker.

After such magnanimous celebrations and awe0-strucking moments, the couple flew to an exotic destination Maui, Hawaii, for their honeymoon.

In short the wedding was a complete package of the adjectives like grand, exotic, awesome, jaw-dropping, opulent ambience and in-short a LARGER-THAN-LIFE event.

No-doubt that the ever green flamboyant AMERICA was stunned and left spell-bound after seeing such a glorious and eminent Indian wedding.

Video Courtesy: A&A Video Productions




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