Let me introduce you to my Mom, first! :)

Always been more of a friend to me. Such a brave, wise and strong lady, I’ve not seen elsewhere. Most parents are strict, some are liberal too; but my mom becomes a kid when it comes to us. She has always been a chirpy yet sincere, artistic and thoughtful person. My mother was brought up in Uttar Pradesh but later she moved with her family to Rajasthan where she got married to my dad. She is the most close to her brother, my mama ji, my fluffy golu molu bunny-kins, (hehe) one of the jolliest person I’ve ever been with. I love him way too much. :D
She had three crazy kids after the marriage; eldest one I, myself and then three years younger two twin girls. Long before that, she had taken up a job in a Girls’ college in Rajasthan.

One can learn so much from their surroundings, if a right + positive attitude is developed towards life. So, technically speaking, I’ve been in a healthy and loving relationship right from the moment I was born, with my mom. :) Relationships are not just about having an intimate connection with a partner of opposite gender, you see! We are gifted with so many relationships (in the form of parents, siblings, relatives and not to forget, the best buddies!) and each relationship requires hard work and continuous efforts and definitely, my mom has done a wonderful job.


Our ‘Crazy’ Times

She is a history lecturer and she never gets bored of sharing crazy history stories with us. We enjoy them too. History can be fun to learn when it is presented in form of bed time stories to you. She has artistic capabilities in her blood as a heritage. She has numerous hobbies like dancing, singing, painting, poetry. writing, sewing and what not! But due to family responsibilities and work pressure, she has not been able to give more time to them. I feel sad about that; sometimes I even push her to go all artisty! Luckily, I and my sisters have acquired some of her artistic capabilities. I just want to keep developing them with her help and support.
She has brought us up amazingly. I belong to a lower middle class family but I’ve never experienced how it’s like to live in a middle class family. All ’cause of her. She has worked very hard to provide us with the best possible facilities ever and I can never thank her enough.

She has been very bubbly all her life; she’d take us to movie shows, tourists places (Jaipur, Kashmir etc), the green fields where we would play hide and seek in the middle of beautiful rows of sarso crop; she would bring us tonnes of cartoon CDs, comic books, video games and what not! *Cool Mom Alert!*

This field trip thing was included in our daily routine; we mostly used to go there during evenings; she’d take her dupatta over her head and play the well known movie act, where the actress runs in fields, swaying her dupatta, singing a love song. Haha. One day, when we were playing hide and seek in the middle of field, I even spotted two snakes and I screamed at the top of my lungs, running outside, not caring about the game anymore. And Guess what! Of course I was spotted and it was my chance all of a sudden. Ugh! Bad bad snakes! *fumes in rage*

She would teach us to dance on old bollywood songs. I loved the way she performed Kathak. We used to plan live show for her sometimes. LOL. At the end of which, we would eagerly be waiting to be gifted by her, with some presents. The funny thing here is that I would put a notice board on our entry gate that would say, “No gifts, No entry to the show!” hi hi. *Silly Kids Alert!*

I’ve never hidden any secrets from her. Even it was something terribly bad that I did or just about getting a new crush (the beginning of puberty, lol); I’d share it all with her. Once I showed her a guy who was my first crush and she was all like, “Ugh! He doesn’t have those charming looks.” I’d say, “Mom please don’t go on the looks. He is a really nice guy at heart.” Such honest were our talks!

Some people point out that this way she is just spoiling us, the kids (Mostly her colleagues and aunts). I have a back face-palm ready for such people. By giving us freedom to express ourselves freely, she had set us free to make our own mistakes and learn. I’m sure that with time, my respect for her has immensely increased too and I feel like I should make sure that I, in no way, disappoint her. I’ve gained a lot of sense of responsibilities for my mother. My younger sisters are still kids and a bit immature but I’m sure they’ll become responsible and wise, sooner or later.  :)

She is quite sensitive too. But she manages that too effectively. Most of the days, she is like a tired bunny at the end of the day who just wants to relax in peace. If I were the president or something, I’d use my powers to eliminate all the people who trouble her. I wonder sometimes if I can love her more. I keep trying to show my affection and love but I wonder if that’s enough.

Ever since childhood, I’d myself make all the arrangements for her birthday. Turn on the Deewali lights again, make her tea and my badly cooked recipes. I love it when she smiles. She doesn’t even complain when she is being asked to eat my badly cooked recipes. Such a lovely lady!


Memoirs of Childhood Spent in a Village

During my childhood, her posting was in a village college and she was provided with a quarter inside the campus. She taught us or should I say, rope the village roots, inside of us. We had no extra facilities. The current used to be on a dead end for 15 hours a day, No fridges, Poor TV connection (DD National), no phones. That’s where I learnt to enjoy the village environment. I was actually born there and brought up till 10th grade there. The current used to go off especially during the nights and we used to sleep outside with other campus residents. Had no choice! Our campus was, however, full of greenery (we had even built up a garden of our own with my mom’s help) and it was such a delight to look at the stars in night and make up stories about them. My mom is an excellent story teller!

Ardavata, that’s the village’s name. The place is usually gifted with the unexpected dark and yellow storms and rainy showers every monsoon. We used to love and enjoy them. We would put our speakers on and dance in the rain while my mum watched us smiling, waiting for us to come back in shed, ready with towels to dry us off. We even witnessed a cyclone there one time; I was 5 years old then and so we were scared as shit then. “Run! Run, Runnnn!!”, that’s what usually used to come out of my mouth then.

Sometimes, I turn on the music on the loud volume (and my dad hates that!) and ask her to dance with us. Sometimes, I’d just snuggle with her to make her feel okay! I even try my (bad) massaging skills on her to relax her muscles after a long tiring day. But she hates that. LOL. She would run away like a scared cat whenever I get ready to massage her head or neck. Duh! My bad. *Creepy Kid here!*


Her Warmth

She feels so warm when I snuggle against her. She acts like a heater or a relaxing pill, in times of need. Even if I’m under stress, just a snuggle with her make my tensions go away. It’s such a soothing experience every time and I couldn’t help but feel amazed. She is one beautiful soul. Pure as something that doesn’t exist (not in my knowledge which I could compare her with) and is just the perfect version of her self. No matter how old I grow, I’d still be a little baby around her who needs attention and care. The most amazing part is that she loves to do it, no matter what.

She mostly stays under stress now due to work issues and other so-not-good problems. I try my best to talk her out of them but sometimes she just doesn’t listen to me. :( I sit as an angry yet scared cat in the corner of the bed then. She is a good console-r too. Brings me my favorite dishes and stuff to console me whenever she mistakenly shouts at me.


Can’t express enough. Words are never gonna be enough.

I feel gifted to have a parent like her. She is the only such beautiful piece that God has created yet. I wonder if I’d be able to love her more. I adore her just so much. Sometimes I get scared too that I’m not giving her enough love, then I try putting more efforts. I guess that’s how relationships are built stronger with time.

I sincerely pray to God that she stays with me till the end of the time. I’m never ever going to give up on her. I want to be connected to such a beautiful soul for the rest of my life. I wonder if I’ll be able to make her the happiest person in the world; again, I wonder if I could love her more. But one thing I’m sure of is my love for her will only progress with time. Amen!

The relationship with my mom is the first ever relationship that I’ve had, that speaks of life long commitment, undefinable love and enormous amount of care & affection.

She, my mother, defines the word ‘Love’ for me. :)



    • Hey Deven.

      Thanks for taking out your time to read it. You’ve been a huge motivation to me, in times of need!
      Also thanks for being patient with my lengthy article. Lol. I guess that’s where I must suck! :P

      Stay happy and healthy. :)

      Shivani Sharma.

  1. fell in love with aunty
    these moms are of same type
    felt like those words are pouring out of my heart for my ma
    wanna see aunty dancing
    I am mad about old bollywood songs and the delicate dancing in them
    great words di
    ur feelings striked my heart directly
    god bless and carry on


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