Cute CoupleWhat if you were made to choose between you love and your career?

Which one would you go for?

Here, Love refers to your passion, the love of your life or anything you want to achieve from the bottom of your heart.

And other things in discussion are studies, career, money and other secondary things.

With all those thoughts in mind, I don’t know how my geeky mind made me a poet.

Some of you might be able to relate yourselves with this poem and some might find it stupid, It is one of those first pieces I’ve ever composed in my life.

So here it goes,


When I look into her eyes, I forget all the cries

Believe me, I could do it all day

But then the devil in me shouts, you have far to go

I ignore the devil and ask her to accompany me along

The devil in me shouts again, your hard work can only accompany you my friend

I again ignore the devil, she says she needs time

I reply, I am ready to wait my entire life

The devil in me shouts again, you can but time can’t my friend

This time I couldn’t ignore him, believe me I want to


Whom should I fight with and what for? When I know the Devil is right.


That is what I think, Now If I ask you this question “What will you go for?”

What will be your answer, do share it via comments :-)



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