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Love is a unique feeling. People have been trying to figure out its essence since time immemorial. Romantics say it’s the gift from above, while scientists have found that it’s a set of chemical process in human’s body. That’s why love at first sight or strong affection is often called chemistry.


What is chemistry between two people? It’s the feeling of attraction and euphoria caused by the hormonal surge. There are different hormones and neurotransmitters that determine how strong chemistry between two people will be. They come into play in different combinations and at different stages of a relationship. The types of chemical reactions influence the quality of the relationship. Dr. Helen Fisher discovered 4 types of behaviors in a relationship predetermined by the person’s chemical makeup.

The Explorer. If dopamine prevails in person’s body, that person is the “explorer” in a relationship. These people strive for new impressions. The courting stage and dating stage are the most pleasant moments for them. The relationship develops beautifully and rapidly, but, unfortunately, ends as rapidly as it progresses. The thing is that dopamine makes people look for new adventures and experiences. To be with the explorer, you need to amaze them and never cease to give new emotions.

The Builder. Those men in whom serotonin dominates are “builders”. They are loyal, reliable partners, devoted to their families, aimed at a long-term and happy relationship. Everything is well-structured and organized in all spheres of their lives. Serotonin forms a stable type of personality. There is only one negative feature in a relationship with the builder – possible boredom.

The Director. The high level of testosterone makes men decisive, exacting, straightforward. In terms of hormonal makeup and their behavior in romantic relationships these men can be described as the “directors”. They can be quite egoistic towards their partners. They will try to control everything and dictate their own rules in a relationship. This can be both good and bad at the same time, because, depending on other aspects of their personality, they can be either the heads of their families or the tyrants.

The Negotiator. The negotiators are those men in whom the female hormone estrogen prevails. These people are usually involved in creative jobs, they are very sensitive in relationships, but very often defenseless. This type of people is quite easy to recognize. They like meaningful and frank conversations; they want their partners to be their soul mates; they want to share their thoughts and worries with their partners. The best matches for them are like-minded people, negotiators like them, or directors.

Knowing your love type, you can avoid many mistakes and frustrations and find the person with whom you’ll feel really comfortable. Chemistry between two people is the result not only of chemical reactions. Physics and psychology play no less significant role here. The so-called attraction is actually physics. Their electromagnetic fields interfere with each other and give their brains the impulse to increase the hormones. That chemical background creates a good foundation for establishing an emotional bond and getting close on a mental level.

Chemistry between a man and a woman is a real thing that explains such phenomenon as love at first sight. It seems that science can explain the essence of love. But it’s still unclear whether we love with our hearts or brains. The brain is responsible for hormones, but when they retreat, people stay together. And it’s another proof that psychological aspects of love are more important in a long-term perspective than instant chemistry between people.



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