Do you drive? Of course everyone does! Do you drive a four-wheeler? Of course most of us! Do you make an attempt in wearing the safety belt i.e. seat belt provided to you while driving? Of course, very few of us! The answer got filtered to a fair enough state to check ourselves and our carelessness regarding wearing a seat belt.

How many times have you attempted to ask your friends, boyfriends and your relatives including your mom and dad to wear that seat belt provided by the car manufacturer while buying that car? Ofcourse for hundreds of times, but all was in vain, isn’t it?

The assertion to your message can be this video where a group of trans-genders reminds you the importance of the safety belt over a signal. Dressed up in air-hostess styled costumes, and forming a pattern of positions over a signal this group reminds and aware people regarding the care one must take while sitting over the driver seat.

They have made their message heard through their generous and blessed attempt. Now its your turn to understand the message and respect their blessings and concerns for us through this video.

Lets reciprocate their concern “Seat belt pehno, dua lelo”.

Lets reciprocate to this beautiful message by this group of transgenders and have a safer journey from now.



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