Like a walk to remember, a journey on highway sometimes teaches lessons of life. Sounds like an ocean of motion flowing showing the enhance beauty of a nature. Observation is the significant nature of human, and when this observation turns into a journey of observation, it enriches human nature towards the society if taken into correct manner.

Rush on highway
Consider a scenario, travelling on a traffic loaded road, if you observe the surrounding, you will feel people are in a race to overcome one another. None of them cares about what is going to surround them, not even for the people around them moving to different destinations. May it be a little journey heading to our offices, homes or colleges, we uphold the same perception; to surpass everyone and everything coming in our way to reach our destiny. A seldom feeling of hurry, rushing in the brain, hardly cares of whats going on around or where is one supposed to reach.

So, the first lesson that I learnt from this mess was that, no-one is interested to give a thought about others except for one’s own-self. Everyone is interested in moving ahead at the cost of bumping out others.

Consider a second scenario of vehicles waiting at traffic signals, waiting for the signal to change into green. The learning part in this situation is that, generally people who are waiting for the traffic signal to get green, are generally ending up doing a few things such as reading newspaper, using cell phone, but very few are busy cherishing the beauty of small feet’s of a child with her mom walking around the traffic signal. An old grandmother along with his grandson crossing the road showing the respect we bestow our elders with. Love the beauty of nature; try to feel the calmness of it. It will show you some prospects of life which a human can’t learn from the newspaper or via cell phone.
Grandson with Grandmother
Now comes a third scenario, where a person is wounded badly and his blood is gushing out of his body creating a havoc, which we as humans call it as an accident. People are more curious to watch that guy/girl lying, they come crossing the roads to know what actually happened. But very few are concerned to call a helpline number or take the injured one to the nearest Hospitals on their own vehicle. Doing this is a sign of humanity towards humans. The saddest and one of the most disgusting part of such incidents is that some “so called guys/girls” starts clicking snaps of the guy/girl and is more interested in sharing them on social media. Ah! RIP. GOD please save!

Snap of accident

A human should look for what is, not for what he thinks should be. – Albert Einstein

Actually such phases possesses a “man” instead of “human” which was replaced on the above line to convey that this bitter truth is related to every human. Now it is up to us how we could make changes in universe by spreading happiness over the seldom pain. Hope this observation would show you are a reality of life.


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