[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his article’s title speaks for itself. ‘Inspire’ is a word that consists of enormous levels of motivation and morale-boost and acts as a ray of hope to those seeking a right path in their entangled lives. There are just so many examples around us; we just don’t take the time to see it. A number of budding talents with shear amount of capabilities remain unacknowledged for the whole of their lives. Why? ‘Cause they are common men; ’cause they don’t get a chance and ultimately ’cause our society prefers to pay attention to the celebrities instead of the ‘normal (yet immensely talented) people’, around themselves. My idea behind this series was to bring such people on stage so that they could inspire others and the world can notice & acknowledge them for their talents.

It is basically going to be a series in the form of interviews where I’ll be introducing you to some young yet brilliant minds who can ‘inspire’ the vast majority of people out there. This series is going to include all kind of budding talents; be it a tech geek or a painter, a poet or a diplomat; a writer or a dreamer. Anyone interested is most welcome to write and contribute in this series.


Introducing ‘Shail Shah’.

‘The guy head over heels in love with Coding World.’

I took out my pen and started interrogating this very guy whom I’ve found enormously talented in terms of innovative ideas and coding world. I met this guy just 4-5 days back and I couldn’t help but notice the shear amount of brilliancy that he possess. From what I’ve known of him so far, he is a jolly good person who is just crazy about programming (and fond of gossiping too! LOL).

The Guy Head Over Heels in Love With the Coding World.
The Guy Head Over Heels in Love With the Coding World.

Lets go back in that moment for a while.

“So, Shail, tell me how would you like to introduce yourself?”, I mockingly asked.

“In short, I am a lover of C programming language; a guy who is always ready to learn something new; an extrovert; hacking, Linux tweaks and windows cracking are my favorite pleasures in leisure, provided that I have some light music going on in background. Also, now developing skills in blogging and how can I forget networking!!? It is the field where I am currently planning to pursue my masters”, he replied instantly.

The Guy on His Work! Period. Silence everybody!
The Guy on His Work! Period. Silence everybody!




“Very well!” I exclaimed, “and since when have you been into computers? What exactly brought you to the programming world?”

“Well since childhood I was interested ‘very much’ into the computers”, he said, “during the 2nd semester of B. Tech, we had a subject called C programming, and I guess I could have never got a best teacher than my then professor, Ashish Sir. I was lucky enough to have him as a lab teacher too, so in every lab period, we used to code for 1.30 hours and in last 30 mins when we used to ask him some questions, he used to respond positively and teach us something innovative. This boosted up my skills and interest in programming very much, indeed.”

“Back in school also, I was all about the computer stuff. I can recollect that I designed a HTML program;

A Screenshot from 'The Battle of Buxar' project of Shail.
A Screenshot from ‘The Battle of Buxar’ project of Shail.

that was basically about the battle of buxar and it was supposed to be for a school project.” He paused for a moment as if trying to look for a key to the memories locked inside his brain and continued, “during vacations, every day at noon, me and my batch mate Rehan (name changed) used to solve some programming questions daily for 2 hours. This enhanced my programming skills, quite a lot. Also I enrolled myself in a few top coding sites and that improved my approach for typical questions.”

“Impressed, young man! Now my next question”, I got back to the interrogations again, “What is the thing that you like the most about coding? I guess there is something that must attract you towards it since I’ve noticed the passionate dedication and attitude towards it, that you possess.”

“Its the mathematical part as I’m a math lover too. Well, the question you’ve shot on me seems like a bit hard thing to answer”, he chuckled, ” Well, It is like I love developing new logics and approach. I just love to code, that’s it. I can’t stress that enough.”

The young man was right. How can one describe love, after all? I could sense the love for coding just oozing out of him, only to progress with time. The man is still a budding flower but I could feel this certainty that if he keeps on going with this right dedication and the never-ending passion, he would reach the blossoming heights one day. As I mentioned in one of my earlier articles too, ‘Chase your passion & dreams and the success will follow you, itself’. I drove myself back from my thoughts and focused on the interview.

“Able to solve many higher level questions; right now it is just the bare beginning, only 2 semesters it has been since coding and real world coding is quite far to go, but yeah, I can tell that the time that I used to take to develop logic for solving problems is decreased to a great extent and the best part was when I developed a 6*6 Sudoku game in my last lab of DSA in just 45 minutes with 120 different puzzles and all of them even had a true solution. I couldn’t help but feel more motivated.”, He genuinely explained.

“As for starters, I’ve been able to successfully design a C-programming dictionary”, He said, grinning like rabbit.

“Woah, now that’s some big stuff! Tell me more about this new C program of yours, if you will please”, I almost begged. LOL.

He was being just so patient with all my questions that I couldn’t stop but wonder. He cleared his throat a bit and spoke, “I have used Trie Data Structure as Trie is basically the best data structure for Searching and Insertion. Trie has time complexity o(m) (m:length of string). So, If we get to know trie data structure, my dictionary program is not at all difficult to be understood.”
“Intially GOOGLE used trie for searching, e.g. : Whenever you opened google to search for something, as soon as you type something, you would see some suggestions by google in the drop down box. That was because of trie. Coming back to the code, instead of storing letters, I’ve converted them into keys(integers) so that access becomes easier. I used a symbolic constant to convert it into keys; for e.g. : ASCII of ‘a’=97. So when Compiler encounters ‘a’, its value is stored as 0, ‘b’=1 and so on. For the sake of simplicity, i have stored 77 words and their meanings initially. A user may add others as per their wish.”

I was getting more curious about him with time so I shifted the topic a bit. “Lets talk about your family, if you don’t mind”, I said.

“Sure! My family consists of my mom, dad and ‘didu‘, my elder sister who is an architect and I am equally close to all of them; little bit more to mom, even dad; can’t find words that could contain my love for them”, He responded.

“Ahan! That’s nice. So who does support you the most, huh?”, I raised an eyebrow and asked.

“Well! Both of my parents do support me equally; they’ve helped me everywhere, in fact my dad is a master of math and I also inherited that characteristic feature from him. See, I belong to a middle class family; dad is a bank manager and mom, a house wife. Also, I inherit some of the qualities from my mom too as my mom pursued her B.Sc. in Chem and I also happen to like chemistry a lot”, He chuckled again, ” I don’t know why I have this much affection to computers but they seem to attract me; where ever I go, I carry my pen drive with me”.

I interrupted him, “Woah whoa!”, I almost screamed, “Aren’t you going off the current topic? We were talking about your family right?” I had to stop him, however I could see the direction that he was going towards; it was like he was driven towards his passion every time that I changed the topic. I liked that kind of passion.

“Yes, apologies!”, he laughed, “It is just that I can’t stop talking about tech stuff. Anyways, back to my family. During my 12th std, I had habit of sleeping at 10.30 and used to wake up at 3.30-4.00 so my mom was the one who used to wake me up daily. What I mean to say is that they support me everywhere. Getting into DDU for B.Tech Comp Engineering was my day dream. I worked hard for getting a seat over here and my parents helped me a lot to get here. They’ve played a very big role”, He smiled.

“What is your biggest dream of life; any ambition?”, I asked, getting back to the ‘main topic’ again.

“Can’t disclose that in public, please”, He relented. So I changed my question to something more relevant.

“How about your aims? Any other dreams aside from coding?”, I asked.

“Want to join GooglePlex as a software developer”, He exclaimed, “And a 3 BHK house in LA or an apartment in NY”, he chuckled and continued, ” Mom and dad has given me so much, so wanna gift them a nice sedan car too”, He ended up smiling genuinely.

“Now my last question to you”, I said, “Do you think you have the ability to inspire others?”

I held my breath to answer him this question since it offers an opportunity to know the potential of a person in question. I waited for him to respond.

“Umm, yes I can!! Like.. lemme give you an example. But..” He paused, “Leave it, it wouldn’t be a good example to be read in public.”

“Please Shail!! Get it out”, I insisted.

“Well, okay! Chill girl. However, it is in no way related to my coding world and can even sound silly to you”, He warned me, “but there was this guy who used to bunk for xyz reasons. I’ll not go deep into that. The studies were always more important to me and it is difficult to survive the competitive world out here”, He paused for a minute as if fearing something but continued, “I would prefer to not go into the details but lets just say I managed to get him back somehow. That’s it.”
“In the context of my coding world, on the other hand, I try to offer as much help as possible to the beginners. Many of my friends consult me when they experience study related issues”, He again paused for a minute and said, “See if you had met me 3-4 years ago, you wouldn’t have found this Shail in front of you. I have experienced many phases in past; some of them were good, some were quite bad too. Everyone does, right? But I guess I managed to let go of them, learn from my mistakes and move on to a better life where I can pursue my dreams and I sincerely hope that I could be of some help to people who are striving to achieve their dreams”, He continued, “for me, past doesn’t matter once you find yourself on the right track. People just need to find their passions inside of themselves in order to find the right path.”

That was it! I thanked the young-wise man and put a full stop to my interrogations. I was feeling content and satisfied to have found that my choice for interview was not wrong. A guy so passionate about his dreams; so wise to learn from life; so full of gratitude to appreciate the good things in life, will have success follow him one day for sure. I really wish that his peers provide him just the right nourishment he will require, just like a beautiful budding flower, in form of care and support. I wish him good luck. Amen!


The Need to Realize the ‘Need to Inspire and get inspired’

Now I would like to ask the readers to pause for a second and think just how many such young and brilliant minds they’ve come across. Do you motivate them? Have you taken their immense talents in account? Don’t you feel the need to stop with your life for a second and try to get inspired by them? Stop for a second and introspect! Inspire and get inspired. Realize the need.

Stay tuned for the next write-up in this series. I would love if any of you would like to join in to write with a genuine interest to inspire others, and oh yes! Your healthy comments are most welcome. Always.



  1. Hey,
    Thanks a lot for this beautiful presentation..

    Your writing skills are awesome

    Keep going..

    And yeah, i could have never got a better interviewer than you.. :)

  2. THE WISE MAN….shail shah…
    Hats off buddy…..!!!!
    done a great job…though i dont understand dis programing languages…..:P
    Proud to have U wid us shail baba….
    N we see U as D most successful computer enginer…..:P..luv u for dis shail baba…!!!

  3. Don’t know why. But after reading this I get reminded of my school friend who sits on the computer day in and out to develop softwares and apps.

  4. Hey great man, nice work done by Shivani Sharma, It is the right way to tell others that “How did you get interest in coding?”
    That’s what happend with me and yeah it was worth reading bro…wish you all the best for future! ;)


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