Hello and welcome again to another article of mine talking and inviting you to be a part of discussion of how can we make India immune-proof?

Well, well, neither I am here to show you some big buzzing numbers pinging into the statistics of our “India’s health report” nor I am here to prove that you must not hangout with your friends enjoying all the smittering, flavoury, juicy and aromatic  junk foods, street foods and what not. I am also not here to represent or demand you to follow some strict Do’s and Don’ts about staying fit and healthy and most importantly immune-proof body. I am here to drop my thoughts on how can we make each street, each person living in this country lead a healthy and smiling life.

Any analysis whether its regarding our political system or our India’s health issues always begins with analysis or say of the already existing system and is followed by an interrogation of  Why this is happening? But as soon as we reach this question we people living in such a dynamic and moreover a huge democratic country are hampered with so many hurdles which starts with our local people, our own people’s thinking towards any problem existing in India. We India’s sleep with a question instead of an answer to that question.

Well, if you will be asked to define India how will you define it in your own words? Umm…just give a thought. Till then I’ll tell you what is India according to me. India according to me is that little notorious and innocent  “Rohan” of 4th standard who on the way of coming back home admires the cars, its automotive parts and comes back home, moves hurriedly towards his massive collection of tools and equipment of toys and try to make out a design and ultimately becomes successful in making a cute toy car.  India is when little ria to figure out that airplane flying above her head and asking her mom with a jaw dropping expression that “Oh mumma…such a big plane naa…One day I’ll drive one…” and in this way millions of such kids like rohan and ria residing in each and every part of our varied India. With each moment passing by, with each breathe,  rolls out their beautiful dreams. A dream which has got a passion, an innocence, a fury, the rush, the eagerness to learn, evolving minds, ignited minds, dreaming eyes and what not.

And to make such Rohans and Rias dreams come true, we need to build a healthy India. An India who is envisioning that bright future in the eyes of such growing kids, the shoulders on which the sustaining factor of both growth and development are going to lie upon.

It is very much simple to digest the fact that “Today everyone is running in the race of money.” It is the era, an era whose adjective can be claimed to be nothing else than “instant..!!!”.

Well, I am not blaming this era because I am also living in the same aura of internet based social taboos like “Facebook”, “Twitter” and many more. But instead I am blaming our human society which is so driven away by this word “instant”. Well, you might be wondering how? Then to summarize I would like to say that “instant” is the epicenter for all of this. Ohh yea…I can see the deformation of your mouth to “O” asking me “How?”.

So, let me put up the things one by one. Before justifying my solution for a healthy India I’ll put the reason behind that too.

1.)    Instant Food: Okay, okay I am also a big fan of eating out that cheesy Mc’D burgers, Dominos’s cheese bursts, hot dogs and every junk food round there. I am a foodie too. Any tasty smell tempts my taste buds the most.  But here, I am not criticizing the love towards your junk food but I am criticizing the “frequency” factor of hogging those foods. I am not a health geek or a health specialist who can advice you to make your kids eat some boiled vegetable stuffs or so. I am trying to put a point where letting your child eat any junk food at any point of time is not the correct teaching.


To all the mom’s this is my advice that always attract your child to have the home made balanced diet with a proper presentation of that dish. After-all the first impression is the last impression. When I was small my mom used to present the dish so beautifully that its beauty made me eat those healthy chapattis and vegetables. Secondly, never ever try to or tell your kids of “You must NOT do this”, instead tell them “what to eat?”.  Kids are always tempted more to do the things which you deny. Lastly, you are the Mom and so you can only tempt your child to make eat whatever you want.

2.)    Lack of education: Sometime back I was sitting in a garden relaxing myself, enjoying the kids playing, grand-parents enjoying the talks about politics and so on. Meanwhile there were a group of house-wives talking about fitness and food. Now they were rigorously arguing about “One must follow this set of Do’s and Don’ts ” to remain healthy. Now basically Do’s and Don’t comes into the picture only when there is a talk about some particular disease, a specific disease. And 90% of the people apply those things on a normal person and then keeps on criticizing those health tips and articles saying “That is all a big lie”.

One of my relative is suffering from a renal failure and he is advised not to have any fruits in which the potassium level is high. And one of our common relative is applying the same things of not having such fruits though he is healthy.

Solution: It is very important to have the proper approach to have a healthy life in such a chas-ey life. One must consult to a proper known person like a doctor or a specialist to know about such things and not depend on just a mere talk in-case you have a doubt or query. Partial knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge.

3.)    Quantity has increased at the cost of quality: Today the demands have increased and hence within less time more things are getting delievered in the kitchen’s of every home. The pacing “instant” culture is developing at such a peak rate that farmers are using different kind of chemicals and many other strong fertilizers decreasing the quality of food with increase in quantity.

Solution: Government is required to make those farmers know by educating them, enough to make them aware, of how dangerous is to use those fertilizers and chemicals with each “farming”. Farmers must practice the traditional way of growing the vegetables and fruits. Use of organic manure must be promoted and many other peculiar old proven ways to gain a healthy nutritious crop.

4.)    Poverty: No, no, no do not get confused that whether you are reading some political issues or health issues. India is a developing country, a country which has a gigantic democracy and other lobbying and political  juices involved into it. And our majority of India lies in the villages where the farmers are striving hard to produce a balanced meal for their developing and growing children at the end of the day. There are people who are still not able to have food even once a day. I am not pushing myself into this anymore as you are aware about the statistics and have that monotonous feel into you about this big buzz problem residing in India.

Solution: The termites like corruption, cruel politics, poor judicial systems, poor educational system, other bad elements in society must be eradicated by choosing an efficient and robust leader, otherwise they’ll corrode and eat our country up. But remember charity begins from home and so does our responsibilities and duties towards our country. Because if we need to change the system, we will need ourselves, our youth, our freshness to be in the system.

5.)    The 9 months care: Yes, the would-be mom’s and dad’s are an important and crucial element to build up a healthy society. Today’s women hardly eat those ” must required” healthy food prescribed especially by our grand mothers, during their pregnancy which leads their child to suffer. I mean because of their taste buds who are always tempted to have some spicy and junk food, why must that little foetus growing inside the womb suffer from any deficiency?

Solution: When you get an opportunity to enjoy the best moment in your life, i.e. of women-hood, a boon to be a mother then make that moment a precious one and a happening one. Take care of that little life growing inside your womb, which gets feeded for 9 months with the food you intake. So, eat healthy and nutritious food. Follow the doctor, because you are not one.

Well, I know that this is not something extraordinary or some new inventions I have . They are very simple things, but these are things which are been neglected the most.

While concluding myself I remember a write-up in a newspaper column that “Newton was not a God who invented the force of gravity. That gravitational force always existed, he just made people know that there is something called gravity which is existing”. And today I have tried my best to be like that Newton.

I hope you enjoyed reading it and found worth sparing time to read.

Have a great healthy and cheerful life ahead.

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

A healthy India i waiting for all of us to make a move. So let us reflect back.




  1. Feels good to read such posts among all tech/SEO/earning stuff. Could it be the reason I like Movzio? This post is felt written out of great passion and speaks a lots of things. Keep doing awesome things on Movzio!

    • Hello Jignesh sir,
      Thank you so much for such beautiful complements on my write-up. Yes, I wish and believe that this should be the reason for you coming here. Thanks a lot once again.
      Keep encouraging our work like this. :)


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