[dropcap]I [/dropcap]told you to move on with life
Deep down I’m sad
And don’t wanna go along
I told you that I’ll forgive you someday or the other
And that I’ll be okay
But when the clock strucks eleven
I shudder
I choke in my own tears
Knowing that I need you right then more than I ever needed you
So baby even though I said that I would be fine
I’m not okay
I try to be!
But I’m so not okay!

How could I ever trust you
After all what you have done?
How could I ever know
If the person that I’m with, is real??
Can’t understand what am I still here for
Might be that I’m just waiting
Hoping you would come n’ rescue me
N’ make me believe in yourself again
So baby even though I said that I would be fine 
I’m not okay
I try to be.
But I’m so not okay.

You juggled my emotions
N’ cut ’em in pieces
They bled (Still do)
Blood red
Deep dead
That I’m
So temme was it your plan?

I feel so lost
N’ it feels cold
The wounds, they burn like hell
N’ yea they hurt
I try to move on with life
But yet I loose my control again
I tremble yet again
I try to reach for you
Like I always used to
I feel helpless
Not knowing what to do
N’ I cry in vain
So baby I’m not okay
N’ I so try to be!
even the possibility, I can’t ever see..
I’m not okay
Not okay..


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