My name is Arjav and I make short films based on humor, this is how I introduce myself at a new place. And the counter question I usually get is “Why humour?”

As always I do not have enough words to explain them about it.

According to a definition humor is a cognitive experience which provokes laughter and provides excitement. For some, humor is a strategy to survive and gain popularity. For me humor is a feeling someone would enjoy effortlessly. Humor is tendency to which people of all age groups and culture respond to. For different people, humor is different. For a kid watching someone fall down is humor while, for an adult cracking of jokes is humor. Usually it is expressed via laughter. Sometimes they say that people who laugh alone are mentally retarded. I think they just say that because they are jealous of the fact that the person is happy.

Happiness, laughter, smile, intelligence are some words often related with humor. You must be wondering how come intelligence is related to it. A good humor can win a person distinctions. It is believed a person with a good sense of humor is quite intelligent. For developing humor you need to have a lot of observations among yourself, surroundings and also the people you meet every day. One would also require the remembrance of his past experience and relate it with the present to generate it.

Some makes humor as a source to earn bread because its more of a necessity. These people are called comedians. They usually perform a live show revealing different humorous stories, one liners, etc. known as monologues. By creating and depicting the humor winded up in a story, makes people laugh and create a wonderful experience overall.

Well if we see it scientifically it has to deal with brain waves. Every person emit different frequency of brain waves in different types of mood depending upon a number of variables. When you want to explain something to someone it becomes much more easier if both the persons are emitting same frequency of brain waves. Hence, the only option is humor. On adding humor to the conversation laughter comes out and the brain waves of both of them match. In this situation the data exchanged are typically more easily understood.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.
-Charlie Chaplin

Humor is like an Ad-On in our lives without which life would have been tasteless. I believe humor is a funny way to be serious.


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