An Experimental cook

Experiment no. 1

Aim :- To cook a delicious pizza for me and others.

Materials Required :

1. Pizza bread
2. Pizza Sauce
3. Mozzarella cheese
4. Tomato
5. Cashew
6. Oregano
7. Basil
8. Microwave.

Theory behind the ‘experimentation’ :

Once upon a time when I was feeling hungry (wait a minute !! This is how most of fairy tale starts and this is no fairy tale but a story of my starvation and experimentation) but I am starting as a fairy tale because it will become one in the end.
(Totally off topic :-D , because I am not a pro in the writing field so please bear with me. Haha.)

So, as I was saying, I was hungry and nobody was at home, that’s why it became a one man covert mission for me. I called it a covert because i didn’t want to leave any trails of me cooking especially because when I cook, the kitchen ends up looking like a dumping place for garbage. It’s very important for me that as a cook, I must keep everything neat and span in the kitchen (I am working on that part).

That day, without going to the refrigerator, I directly went to the kitchen (with determination :-D , I don’t know from where I must have mustered that courage). There I found the usual spices that I’m familiar with, some spices with no idea what to do with them and lots of raw material to cook with.

When I saw a pizza bread, I decided what I was gonna cook then, a pizza!! So I started looking for toppings for the pizza but I came up with nothing but some fresh tomatoes, looking mockingly at me ( I don’t like capsicum, however, you can add if you’d wish so ). Suddenly, out of the blue, I decided to use cashew as my another topping that I found earlier in my pantry.

Pizza with the toppings! Tomatoes.

Firstly I soaked cashew in lukewarm water for 10 mins to soften them a bit in order to make them chewy for a perfect topping and chopped tomatoes in chunks, except the central seedy and moist part of it. Make sure it is not dripping its fluid contents, while using it.

These were my toppings for the day. Now time to get something in action, practically.


‘In Kitchen Action’

Procedure :

  • Grease the pizza bread from the both side with butter (I’d recommend using Amul butter).
  • Place the pizza with bottom side up (the side having holes is the upper side) on the rack and grill in a preheated oven for 5 minutes at 180 degree or till it gets crisp.
  • After taking bread out of microwave, flip the pizza bread and spread a little layer of pizza sauce on it.
  • Grate a layer of cheese on it.
  • Place your toppings (in my case cashew and tomatoes) on the top.
  • Sprinkle some oregano over it .
  • Again, grate some cheese, uniformly, all over it (in a small amount because you surely want to control the amount of cheese).
  • Now sprinkle some oregano and basil and black pepper on the top.
  • Grill it again for 6 mins at 180 degree.

Your pizza is ready to eat. Serve hot and share the happiness.

Result :

Tasty and delicious pizza is obtained and ready to be verified & tasted.

Precautions-cum-Tips :-

1. Do all the topping by applying things on the rack itself.
2. Pick the pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese of top quality as they are the main ingredients to make your pizza tasty.
3. Regarding the topping, use any vegetable you like (but roast them before using, ex – paneer, capsicum , onions etc). But corns and olives will double the taste.

I’ve almost finished it now, with my elder sister. Gosh! Tummy full.

Almost finished, Last piece left. Wanna join in?
Almost finished, Last piece left. Wanna join in?

So guys record your observation and leave them as comments.

Thank you.

Stay tuned.


    • Thanx to you editor.
      This wasn’t something I expected by myself.

      You too stay happy always.


  1. Thanks Dharita.
    It was an experiment with toppings(cashew) but I was sure about the pizza that it is gonna be delicious……:-P
    It is very easy to make food that why I afford to cook it :-)
    keep the good work continue.


  2. Hey Akshay,
    Welcome to Movzio Family.
    Write-up says pizza must be delicious though it was experimented. Also your experiment inspires me to come off my laziness and try new things in my kitchen ;).

    Keep Writing .
    Keep Smiling :D



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