Have you heard anything about reprogramming your sub-conscious mind? Have you heard anything about THE SECRET? Have you heard anything about Law of attraction?

Wohooo, wait wait wait…… have you plunged into this post thinking that I am going to give a scheduled diet plan to follow? Are you expecting me to ask you to change your food habits from “NO OILY FOOD” to “ONLY BOILED VEGGIES”? Oh mahn..!!! Not at all. I am probably going to give you the most simplest solution of all time to loose your weight.

So, how to loose weight by reprogramming your subconscious mind?

Okay, you just need to take that bowl of popcorns, enjoy your movie and loose weight. Oh..cumon please don’t laugh, I am pretty much serious that it is as easy as eating a pop-corn sitting on your most comfortable couch enjoying your Sunday’s Prime time movie with your friends or family.

So, before I tell you a simple secret or say way to loose your weight, let me brief out the idea on which it is going to work. I am currently reading a book by one of the best and well acclaimed author Dr. Shad Helmstetter whose book “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself ” which talks about re-programming your sub-conscious mind to help make you achieve what you want.

What is sub-conscious mind and what does it do?

After doing a research for about last 5 months regarding the belief system which a human mind upholds and the functioning of sub-conscious mind I have got some of the surprising and shocking facts and reality about the same. When we are born we are born without anything i.e. no data in our brains. There are no programs in our CD-ROM (sub-conscious mind) to get executed. There is no data in our Hard disk (brain) when we are born. As time passes and we start growing up, our subconscious mind is been programmed by the things we see around us, feel around us and ofcourse by our parents. When we grow older and older we are been taught so many things and so many programs are been typed into our subconscious mind that we deeply start believing blindly in what we have.

Most of the human beings on this globe think that earning money is very tough; we have to do many hardships to fill our stomach and what not rubbish and useless things. We are been recklessly programmed by our surroundings and people to such a depth and that too on repetitive basis that we start believing those things and as a result we get the same kind of circumstances in our lives. We become what we believe about the most. We program ourselves in such a blind manner that we start limiting our own strengths and capacities. Our wishes and wants start conflicting our beliefs which are rooted so deep down in our sub conscious mind. Hence, we do not get what we want and hence we have heard people saying that “In my life I always get the opposite of what I really want.”

In the book “” Dr. Shad Helmstetter talks about “SELF TALK” which is helpful in re-programming your wrong notions and beliefs about any possibilities in this world. He shares a very well known example of how he lost about 39 pounds weight by re-programming his sub-conscious mind. Please do not worry and feel heavy by the words like re-programming and psychology and sub-conscious mind. It is very simple.

Are you still reading it? Cool, that means you are very serious to have that slim figure and healthy body for yourself.

Now, the exact solution:

First of all make a note or say write-down somewhere of what you really want. Remember write down everything in present tense. The phrase “I AM..” plays a very important role in making you feel good and simultaneously increases the rate of change of negative thoughts to positive thoughts. The term I AM… acts like a catalyst in reprogramming your sub-conscious mind.

So let me now give you the script related to self-talk when it comes to losing weight:

“I am feeling great today. Thank you God for giving me such a healthy and happy life. Thank you for giving me the perfect weight of the body which I always desire. I am feeling at the top of the world. I am feeling just awesome. Thank you for helping me to loose my weight on such a significant note. I am so grateful for this current moment in my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

You just need to read this script on a repetitive basis i.e. for about 5-6 times/day and feel good. Though its fake, just read it. This fake will be so deeply into your sub-consciousness that it will become the reality of your life.

You may also add as many positive phrases into this to help it work much faster.

I highly recommend you to read more about the re-programming of your sub-conscious mind from this book “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself” authored by Dr. Shad Helmstetter.

I am eagerly waiting for your response and feedback over this.

Eat healthy, stay healthy, think healthy.


  1. Charmie,

    I like how you emphasized the need to re-program our minds. This is where ‘fad diets’ never gain any real momentum. Because, after the excitement of yet another diet, the mind is still thinking… “Just wait till you’re finished, you’ll be rewarded with a giant piece of chocolate cake!”

    Great tips,



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