Chapter 3 : Horizon

Relationship status, Oh..!! One word, on which every person acts differently whenever it’s changed. Same thing was happening with Ray and Veronica these days. Things are getting changed, overnight talking, chatting, meeting, movies, taking care, responsibilities and the special one is long drives ;). People say this is the golden time and for Ray its the best time of his life he ever had. Veronica is also having the same; she was on cloud 9, enjoying every single moment and not worrying of what’s going to happen next. But great power comes with great responsibilities, and Ray is also having the same thing. The more he was getting into Veronica, the more he started worrying about future which veronica never.

In Gujarat the time of august is all about Janmashtami and other festivals in a row. Most families celebrate it but two persons are not. Because both have to spend time with their own families. After festival season Ray couldn’t bare to pass a single moment without veronica but this time veronica asked to meet. Again same place they meet, TGB around 6 pm.  On the terrace of this  5-star hotel, sitting under umbrella, sunlight falling on glasses of mock-tails, reflecting directly on each other’s face. Both looking at horizon, Ray said I got placed in MNC but still that’s not enough for their future, this time a responsible ray was talking and was having a broader view of their future and career. Ray said he should go for further studies in IITs and hike his career, through which he can convince Veronica’s family in future for marriage. Veronica knew from first that ray wanted to go for good career and Veronica was also planning the same after completing her graduation. Finally at the end of meeting Ray decided for preparing entrance for IITs. Veronica was very happy that she has chosen the best person, who thinks of securing her future more than his own. But the thing which is going to affect both of them is the institute, providing coaching of entrance examinations, was at Delhi. And they had to live without each other for 6 whole months. But still both are way mature and were happy with that decision.

September 1st was the day, of flight of Ray to Delhi. And just before a day, Ray met Veronica as he was going away for next 6 months. This time Veronica chooses a different plan. She wanted to be more close to Ray like never before so she invited Ray to her home, which was basically her uncle’s home where she was living. Her family went to farm-house and were going to come late at night. Both had a chance to spend more time with each other.  It was a time of evening around 5 pm and her flat was at 10th floor, the top floor of her building.

Ray reached the building where he came so many times to pick her up, but for the 1st time he was going inside of that high-rise apartment. The door was not locked, Ray directly entered into flat. Veronica was eagerly waiting for him and she just was sitting on couch in her hall. Sun rays were coming from huge glass doors and windows, hitting direct on two glasses of grape juice making them shine. Veronica pours juice to him and started giving a small tour of her house. It was all black leather, glass and white combination furniture. Black and white concept really attracted ray because he was also fond of Eastman color. A huge theater room with 52” plazma TV and Yamaha’s giant home theater concept with nice seating arrangement made ray express that “Wow..”. There was a couple-photograph of her cousin and his wife which was the size of entire wall on the backside of theater, and entire concept made Ray think that he also should do something like this for his home and for Veronica. For which more money is needed and that became one more motive for going Delhi, so now he was way happy for his decision that he is going for gaining the things wanted by his Girl-Friend only. Finally she took him to her own room.

After few talk, the sun-rays coming from window turned straight into eyes. They can see the sun directly which was going to set and the time was going so fast which was realised by Ray. He said veronica that he has one last hour so he wants to spend that moments like they remember in next months. He lifted her in his arms, Sunrays were falling on her hairs and face and shadow of both was falling on the wall creating a picture of couple. Slowly he put veronica on her bed, and hugged tightly. This time veronica got tears in her eyes that she was going to live next few months without him. So she also put her face on his chest and hugged him tightly like anything. Ray was way more excited when he feels softness of her skin touching his entire body. He started kissing from her forehead, was going down to eyes… chicks… her beautiful lips which he always adore. The sun set but horizon has still its beauty which can be viewed by huge glass windows and in this beautiful shades, some beautiful moments were passing by, in between Ray and Veronica. Colours started changing from yellow to orange then dark pink and Red… then maroon… and finally dark blue. And Ray was moving from forehead, down to her neck and underneath. Beauty and colors of horizon and romance can’t ever been described in any words but all I can say it’s the most colorful and glamorous thing in the world. After some more closeness and darkness, Veronica realized that room is totally dark; no light… just few red light coming from window. She somehow got afraid but Ray holded her so tightly that she couldn’t even move. She flipped Ray and put her chick to rays chick and said “I love you Ray, Please never ever leave me”. Ray replied “Hey … Plz don’t cry, I’m with you always and I love you the most in this world ok… “. They again hugged for next five minutes… and the room was converted to total dark. All of a sudden Ray’s mobile rang, that was call from his friend Krish who was going with him to Delhi. Ray disconnected the phone. And Both realized its night now.

Finally its time to go, both had smiles on their faces, that they had a great time together and their hearts wept as that time was up and it was the time to go. They hugged again, Veronica realized that she had not brought anything for Ray but Ray did come with a ring. He gave the ring and kissed veronica and said I’m taking your heart with me and its most precious gift from my princess. For the first time Ray used word princess for Veronica. And finally he went out of the door. Both wanted more time with each other but time never stops for anyone, neither the sun. Its 8 pm on the dot and moving downstairs, Ray called Krish and decided about when to leave for airport the next day. Because the next evening was time to fly and still it was remaining to decide which things are needed to be packed.

At night, again both of them had a long phone call, knowing that the next phone-call will be on roaming charges so won’t be able to afford to talk much. Next morning was all about packing. 20 Kg was allowed to carry in domestic airlines. And moms used to pack as much food as they can, so that her child need not to go for carving hunger. Bags were getting packed, families and relatives were coming one after another, and a great lunch, and Ray was also going to have it for last time at his home. But time passed in these things and again evening came. 7 pm was the time to fly. Ray, Krish – college friend of Ray, Ted known as Teddy was a school friend of Ray boarded on plane. For the 1st time in their life, they were going to fly, Two of them were too much excited were watching clouds, soil and beauty of nature from the window and the third one is busy imagining a smiling face in the sky and watching colors of horizon and remembering previous evening. Everyone had headphones in their ears, and the song been played was also synchronizing the same “Shadow of the day “- Linkin park. Sometimes beginnings are so simple and sometimes goodbyes are only way, but the sun is set for you. Ray was just immersed into the song with a small crystal in his eye which stayed but didn’t dropped, it seemed like he swallowed it with his eye. Horizon is so beautiful that a person can see everything. Ray was trying to see as far as he can, but he can’t even see her. Noise of flight and at beginning of September the last song was making Ray feel the same that “Wake me up when September ends” and flight of 55 minutes took the time of last 55 days that Ray spent with Veronica and flight landed.

Ray, Krish and Teddy gave entry like 3 rock stars on Delhi airport, let’s see what they make out as a trio? A “Dil Chahta Hai”, “3 Musketeers” or “The hang over’s trio”.


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