Death. Debris. Destruction. These three horrific words have been describing the Himalayan Kingdom since the last 4 days. It’s all over the news, social media and wherever you hear the name ‘Nepal’. That’s not how I remember my country, however short and limited memories I have of it. Despite being from Nepal, most of my life has been set up in India, far away from my homeland. But at this hour of tremendous grief, the faintest of the root that binds me with Nepal somehow manages to tug at every chord of my heart. So much so, I’m in a state of a mild shock coupled with depression. Thinking about the devastation sends a chill down my spine.

A trip to Kathmandu and Pokhra had always been on my bucket list of places to visit. The historic Pashupatinath Temple always caught my fancy. I fell in love with the snow-capped Himalayan Range at the first glance that I had while traveling on the snaky winding roads of the hills. Watching them up close had always been my dream. And the historical monuments that have attracted millions of tourists to this small South Asian country are on the list too. I bet anyone would fall in love with Nepal instantly, not only for its rich heritage but also for the warmth of its people and culture.

But the Nepal that’s staring at my face from TV, computers and mobile phones currently is not the one that I have imagined. It is a country’s capital that’s in shambles. People running with tears in their eyes and horror on their face, disheveled hair and mangled bodies, hopeless cries and tired breaths. My Nepal has always been the land of natural beauty and historical heritage. But all that remains now are heaps of bricks and mortar that has entrapped thousands beneath them. The fury of Mother Nature didn’t spare even the tourists who were there to appreciate its beauty. When will all of this end? When will normalcy be restored? Will it be ever?

I know the country of my origin needs me. I know my people need help. But I can’t go to them. Not now. Not soon. But I’ll be there someday. Among the people who’ve suffered and lost. Among the people who’ll always accept me as their own, even if for the mere fact that I’ve origins of Nepal. While my current predicament doesn’t allow me to leave everything behind to lend a helping hand to my fellow nationals, I’ll be there someday. I’ll be among them, as one of them. And when I’m there, I’ll help them rebuild what Nepal truly stands for – a beautiful country in the lap of the mighty Himalayas. Till then, stay strong my fellow brothers and sisters. It’s bad, really bad. But you’re not alone. We will overcome this disaster together. We will bring back the Nepal the world knows. We will witness its beauty yet again. We will show the world what Nepal truly is!


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