Ex-SEAL Robert O’Neill didn’t knew that this mission would help carve his name in the history saying “The man who shooted Osama Bin Laden”.

In 15 years of hazardous missions — from midnight attacks on al-Qaeda safe houses in Iraq to engaging Somali privateers from the deck of a hurling Navy deliver on the high oceans — there had never been one so shadowed by fear.

Maloney praised O’Neill as “a great American hero and a fine, articulate gentleman who has been very careful to always praise his team for the success of this mission.”

As Robert James O’neill pondered his hop from a helicopter into Osama canister Laden’s private arrangement, he was certain it would be his last.

Recalling that mission, O’Neill says “I rolled past him into the room, just inside the doorway; there was bin Laden, standing there. He had his hands on a woman’s shoulders pushing her ahead.”

Moving ahead through the dark room, O’Neill could clearly see bin Laden’s features through his night-vision scope.

The Esquire magazine  quoted O’Neill depicting Osama Bin Laden that “He looked confused, and he was way taller than I was expecting. He had a cap on and didn’t appear to be hit.”

Bin Laden was “standing and moving,” thrusting one of his wives in front of him as if to use her as a shield.

“In that second I shot him, two times in the forehead,” he said. “Bap! Bap! The second time, as he is going down. He crumbled to the floor in front of his bed and I hit him again.”

O’Neill told The Post that it was clear bin Laden had died instantly, his skull split by the first bullet.

“I watched him take his last breaths,” he said.

Over the previous year, the news spreaded wide and far through the troops in military addressing O’Neill’s part as “the shooter”. Onto the Capitol Hill, where Congress people knew the story, saluted O’Neill for this brave job. Meanwhile media and Columnists started to engrave his name making him to be a well known personality.



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