Pizza is a word which can bring a smile in an instant. Pizza is one of the most popular fast foods and has found a special place in one’s heart. Italy did us a favour by introducing a simple yet exotic cuisine that can bring life to any dull moment in life.

If you’re a foodie and pizza is one cuisine you’d love to explore and get the best of, then be sure to visit these exotic cafes and pizza joints with some of the best bread and cheese offerings:

Diva – The Italian Restaurant

This brilliant restaurant offers some of the most exotic wood fire pizzas that are worth dying for. From the mouth-watering Bianco Pizza which offers four types of cheese to Marinara Pizza, this place is best visited during lunch and dinner hours to relish these exotic pizzas. It offers other specialities including Panini sandwiches and pastas to give your taste buds a joy ride you won’t forget anytime soon!




Italiano is a restaurant that will give you the feels of Italy instantly with their sumptuous pastas and pizzas with a waft you can’t resist. From irresistible Ravioli to Risottos to Burgers to Pizzas, this place is a delight. Their non-vegetarian pizzas are quite famous and with the kind of toppings they offer, it’s not hard to see why! If you’re jonesing for Italian food, make use of foodpanda coupons to get it at your door step and plan a trip with friends and family to Italiano for similar sumptuous food!



Olive Bar and Kitchen

This is one culinary expert you need to visit at least once to know what paradise in your mouth tastes like. From the gentle aromas coming out from its kitchens, you know you’re in for an awesome treat. From exotic sea food starters to salads to heavenly offerings including Lamb Meatball and Rustic Tomato Pizza to Parma Ham and Rocket Pizza, this place offers tons of surprises for your taste buds which won’t be able to stop digging in!



Crusty Gourmet

The Crusty Gourmet is one of the best pizza locals which will bring you back for more every time. With the right kind of crust to exotic toppings ranging from marinated chicken fillets to drizzling Peri Peri Mayo, his pizza place does it right every time whether you order veg pizzas or non-veg pizzas. There’s something special for the Indian pallet with Yo Yo Tandoori Chicken Pizza and The Paneer Tikka which is a sure favourite.




San Gimignano

This is one restaurant that will bring you back for its brilliant ambiance which is very European with an outdoor seating arrangement available as well. Enjoy hot, freshly made pizzas in the nippy wind with a side of pasta with assorted breads. If you’re in the mood for something light, order a glass of wine with salad. This is one place that will forever enchant you with its lovely environment and even tastier food. You can recreate a similar ambiance at home by having an outdoor party with friends and using dominos coupons to order fresh pizzas to get great Italian treats at your doorstep and celebrate with loved ones!




If you love thin crust pizzas freshly out of the wood fire, drizzled with exotic toppings and succulent sauces, then this is the place for you. With a brilliant environment and world class food, Cilantro is a restaurant that will always have a special place in your heart. It’s known not only for its Italian food but Mediterranean and South East Asian Cuisine as well leaving you spoilt for choice!


Be sure to check out these brilliant food joints that are heaven for your taste buds. They’ll surely have a lasting impression on you!


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