Hello friends, I am here with my fifth article. First of all “Wish You All A Very Happy New Year”. I am sure you all have enjoyed Diwali in its best way right? and so I have. I am here to take you to a journey on how my city “Ahmedabad” celebrates Diwali. Diwali celebration in Ahmedabad is zestful and enthusiastic.

Diwali, the most glamorous festival, is enthusiastically enjoyed by people of every religion; its magical and radiant touch creates an atmosphere of joy and festivity. Diwali is the festival of light, festival of joy; it signifies the victory of righteousness and the lifting of spiritual darkness. One of the reason I love Diwali is I get variety of delicious sweets and new clothes ;).

The best part of Diwali that I feel is Laxmi-puja. The joyous sounds of bells and drums float from the temples as man is invoking Goddess Laxmi in a wondrous holy “pouring-in” of his heart. All of a sudden it seems like that impenetrable darkness is pierced by innumerable rays of light for just a moment and the next moment a blaze of light descends down to earth from heaven as golden-footed Lakshmi alights on earth in all her celestial glory amidst chantings of  Vedic hymns.

After such an auspicious Laxmi-puja, I decided to have glimpse of my city with my family, and guess what – I was stunned – my city Ahmedabad – embellished like a bride. Diwali illumination was seen in its full splendor where merchants vied with one another and spare no expense and energy to make their shop center of attraction. The magnificent buildings in Ahmedabad (Malls and Hotels), Kankaria Lake, Dilli Darwaja, Manek Chowk, Raipur Darwaja and television centers all were litup from top to bottom with rows of light; Connaught places representing a grand and festive look; houses were brilliantly illuminated with diyas (traditional small clay oil lamps) and tiny electric lights and coloured candles fitted in glass globes of various tints and beautiful sky lanterns made of colorful cloth and rangoli drawn with the mosfits of flowers or goddesses at the entrance of house added beauty to it. Lakshmi’s feet were also drawn at the door, the toes pointing inwards to indicate her entrance. The effulgent light of numerous diyas turned the thick dark new-moon (Amavasya) night to a full-moon (Purnima) night. However old may be the tradition of diyas on Diwali, it has never lost its significance and charm. Diwali celebrations are incomplete and graceless without the use of Diwali diyas. There is no doubt, diyas were, are, and will remain a significant part of the Diwali festival.

Lamps create a world of fantasy.pic 2

The streets and markets were flooded with amdavadis busy shopping. Shopping during Diwali is not just limited to buying festive clothes from big brands; it includes everything, right from designer clothes from posh stores to household items from grocery stores to colourful decorative items, creative diyas and candles from the hand carts on the roads. Big budget or small, nothing can beat the Diwali season shopping mania for amdavadis! The fireworks’ effervescence, announcing the arrival of Diwali, is dearly missed by the sellers. Firecrackers such as sparklers, flowerpots, ground chakakars, rockets, sky shots, sound crackers etc. are an attraction every Diwali. Both children and adults enjoy bursting crackers immensely. Diwali is all about colour and that is not just restricted to colourful firecrackers and twinkling lights! The vibrant, eye-catching, traditional attire that people wear during the festival of lights is more colourful than fireworks and brighter than the twinkling lights and diyas that sparkle around us.


Large crowds of spectators gather on the street to admire the monocles of night turned into day by number of radiance of artificial lights and to see the smiling faces of children enjoying crackers. The air is thick with clouds of dust raised by crackers and passing of vehicles. The whole night of diwali constantly sounded with firing crackers as to welcome the New Year.

The entire city was celebrating Diwali with great pomp and enthusiasm. Diwali, the festival of lights, the festival of rejoicing, even to-day in this modern world projects the rich and glorious past of India and that is the best part I feel for this festival.

Once Again VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR To All My Friends And Well-Wishers.

Stay Connected. Keep Smiling :)

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