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People who are habitual of carrying watch 24 x 7 on their wrist particularly watches that can tolerate water splashes and little trickles. However, what is the difference between a waterproof and water resistant watch? Most of the time we use these terms interchangeably without realizing their true meaning. In this article, we are going to read the difference between waterproof smartwatch and water resistant smartwatch watches. After all, users must figure out what they are actually using.

With several numbers of waterproof gadgets coming up in the market, should you rely on water resistant or waterproof gadget?

The waterproof gadget has impervious nature whereas water resistant means that the gadget would offer resistant to water penetration up to certain extent.

 Waterproof Watches 

Waterproof watches have a better degree of protection compare them with water resistant. Waterproof gadgets have a special silicon layer’s on the part of the gadget like Chip, Processor, Camera etc. This layer provides the extra protection from the water. The water-resistant devices make it slightly difficult for the water to trickle down deep into the watch. Somehow, there is always a risk of water penetration when it’s raining heavily or the watch accidentally falls into the water.

 Water Resistant Watches 

The water resistant level is measured in terms of IP. It is rated from zero to eight in a general parameter. Waterproof devices are safe underwater. You don’t have to worry about their longevity even if you dive deep. Such devices have IP codes for conveying their protection level. The degree of protection is clearly conveyed by the manufacturers on the enclosures of the electrical equipment. One of the finest examples of water resistant is the iPhone 7. It comes with IP67 technology which ensures a complete protection from water. Even if you drop it deep in water, it would operate well. However, there is a difference when a gadget offers protection against water and salt water. Maximum of the gadgets cannot tolerate saline water at all. Even the iPhone 7 that comes up with water resistant Technology cannot withstand saline water.

The best example of the water proof device is Sony Smartphone. Sony is the first company to launch the water proof smartphone and also claims that it can work under water as well. Later on other smartphone manufacture like Samsung, LG has launched the waterproof smartphone.

The abrasive water stream can’t harm the gadgets that are waterproof. Moreover, they are tested under all circumstances before being marketed on the full-fledged scale.

water proof watches

 Pros & Cons 

Water resistant is the minimal amount of water protection provided by the device. It means that the device is but it could possibly encounter the water drops falling on it. The chances of surviving against the underwater flash are high. However, if you would expose the watch in extreme conditions it might stop working right away. Water repellent and water are more often used as synonyms. Even when we talk about water repellent watches, they have the property to repel water instead of absorbing it. Water repellent devices are slightly better water resistant ones. Companies, therefore, market products as water repellent rather than water resistant. Somehow, both water resistant features have unknown risks associated with it. There is a full possibility of water penetration in both the cases. If you have been planning to choose something more worthwhile, we would advise you to go for waterproof gadgets that offer higher IP code.

Using the term waterproof can somewhat impose a threat to the integrity of The company. Therefore, as a permanent solution, most of the brands use of water repellent in order to add a better future for the gadget.

 Final Critique 

Buyers should not entertain any confusion regarding water repellent from a water is waterproofing. Their awareness would help them to Grab best gadgets at fair prices. The companies are necessarily required to raise their standards with more electronics being launched every now and then. In any case, they should provide gadgets which offer protection against sweat, water drops, and corrosion. a minimal amount of waterproofing is expected from the gadgets from all the buyers as of now. We hope this guide helps you to understand the difference between water Proof and Water resistant Gadgets If there is something you want to add just let us know in the comment section below.


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