There are sufficient signs to show what you see in Delhi may not be valid whatsoever. There is something going ahead in secret and is not known outside a small gathering in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The signs which clearly justifies are:

1.) BJP accepts three rejects of India Against Corruption development and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) into its overlay — Kiran Bedi, Shazia Ilmi and Vinod Kumar Binni.

2.) Bedi is being anticipated as BJP’s chief ministerial candidate before the “Jaanta”.

3.) In a solitary stroke, BJP has figured out how to redirect the consideration from gathering mascot Narendra Modi to Bedi the extent that Delhi surveys are concerned. So if BJP loses or neglects to get a larger part, you have a helpful option.

But question still remains the same that what will BJP gain from losing Delhi? Alternately to let Arvind Kejriwal win? Considerably a lot. In the event that Kejriwal wins Delhi, it will be anticipated as a triumph of a mass movement, media will praise Kejriwal, hail him as a saint and will dismember AAP’s campaign for a considerable length of time. Prime time on TV will be saved for just one man — Kejriwal. All the more vitally, Kejriwal’s win will redirect the public’s attention, the public who are getting anxious from Modi’s failure to convey on his election promises.

When an administration driven by Kejriwal is confirmed, the center of national media and by expansion national talk will move to his government and ministers. Kejriwal will have no relaxing period, both media and voters will demand quick results, at any rate on corruption, power tarrifs, VAT (worth included assessment), health hotline and WiFi. A hostile government at the Center won’t help him either. This focus on Kejriwal will come as a huge relief for Modi. It will move the center from his government at the Center.

Furthermore, far from media spotlight, the conservative Sangh Parivar machinery can then unleash its infantry to captivate voters with low-force unsettling influences in front of the two major fights — Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar. These two states are completely key for BJP’s growth. The win in Bihar and UP will finish the Parivar’s strength leading to a firm image. Also, UP and Bihar will shore up BJP’s quality in Rajya Sabha. Last yet not the minimum, these two states will make Modi, Shah and Jaitley the most capable political clique ever.

For BJP the win might have been a no less than a headache — mostly because of intra-gathering bickerings and part of the way due to impatient voters who expect quick results and great administration, something the BJP is unsure of conveying.

Thus, losing Delhi is actually not a bad idea!


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