I had been waiting for this day anxiously from the moment when I had received my election card. Yes! The election day the day when I would be a part to change the nation. My friends and family thought that I am overreacting to the elections and felt that voting is no big deal. They were among those believers who believed a single vote would hardly make a difference.
My thoughts and philosophies always used to contradict with my family; for me voting was more like a festival, a celebration how often do we get a chance to do something for our country? We are so busy making our lives better that the nation in which we live is given a cold shoulder. I just could not control my excitement in regard to my first vote and living the era of social networking I would broadcast it all on my facebook. I had heard my friends saying that I was just excessively showing off to gain attention and likes on Facebook but well that wasn’t the case. Voting is our right that we must exercise it is the opportunity that you have to mould your future. As a career decision changes your future life so does choosing the government. If you feel that your vote doesn’t matter than your justifying that your existence in that nation also doesn’t matter as you are avoiding taking up the most crucial decision of choosing the right nation.
Finally the D-day arrived there I was at the polling booth standing in a queue awaiting my turn to give the vote and choose the government. I was astonished by the scenario at the polling station we live in a nation which surmises of one-fifth of the worlds’ youth population yet the people around me seemed to be mostly in their late thirties. My eyes nearly popped out of my sockets when I saw even senior citizens who could barely walk still making an attempt to make their way to the booth and casting their vote.
Where is our youth? They seem only to have the time to come up with candles when a massacre occurs but they would not take up the pains to come and prevent it. If you are among the one complaining about the malign activities happening in the nation then come up and take an effort to change it.
People would argue that all the leaders and all the parties are corrupt and has leaders who are insufficient to take care of the political system of the nation, this leaders were appointed by none other than us. The government works for us and it has to work in a manner that is for the welfare of the nation.
It might find funny that why such a post after the elections have been done and now it’s gonna make no difference but at least it can open an eye to those who did not vote. They should realize they are reckless and do not possess the wit to take a decision for their nation.


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