burger king

The fast food chain Burger King will make a big appearance through “The Aka Burger” — means red in Japanese — in stores on July 3, the Wall Street Journal reports.


Since dark coloured cheeseburgers evidently weren’t sufficiently weird, Burger King is now offering splendid red cheeseburgers in Japan.


Should you be overcome enough to attempt the new offerings, there are two colorful alternatives to look over: “The Aka Samurai Beef Burger” and “The Aka Samurai Chicken Burger”. Both sandwiches highlight red buns and, all the more awesome, red cheddar.

So where do the Aka burgers get their stunning tint? Tomato powder, it just so happens. The burgers will likewise highlight a zesty super hot sauce produced using hot peppers and miso.

The Aka Burger isn’t the first irregular burger to offer in Japan. In September, both Burger King and McDonald’s disclosed dark burgers produced using squid ink.


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