Okay…!! So, you ready for taking the test? Well, this is a pretty interesting brain teaser which will definitely leave you spell bound at the end of the puzzle. This is a mind blowing brain teaser which requires no use of mind. I know, that sounds like a big contrast, that, a brain teaser that is supposed to be solved and that too without the use of the most complicated organ of our body – “Brain”. But, its really a brain teaser and you’ll be amazed at the end to find the result of your answers.

So, are you ready to relax yourself ad give the test?

CONDITIONS APPLY : Just put your mind in the state of relaxation and then answer this brain teaser.



Well, I know you will be interested to know that what did I got at the end. I am in those rest of the 2% people !!! :D

If you loved giving this quiz, I’m sure you’ll love this brain teaser too.



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