This book holds a different place in my library, that place which when surfed again and again never bores you and simultaneously makes you happy.

The plot:

Based on different background places like Afghanistan, America, Iran, Kabul and so on the kite runner is a story concentrated on 2 friends Amir and Hassan. The story commences with a scene where the author Khaled is in a moment of nostalgia accepting a fact that “I became What I am today at the age of twelve, on a frigid overcast day in the winter of 1975, at Kabul.” This story weaves so many instances, moments, impulsiveness, retro-ness and many more. The story is woven and switched to very touchy moments at times. A twelve year old boy named Amir is frenzied and eager to gain his Baba’s (Dad) attention by a will to win a local kite-flying tournament. His Baba thinks him to be just a child which makes Amir more irritated and agile towards his Baba. He wants to remove that image of him from his Baba’s mind and heart as well. Hassan, his loyal friend cum admirer more promises to help him out to win this tournament. Simultaneously, Amir is jealous of the place Hassan holds in his Baba’s heart due to his honesty and courageous nature because he thinks that after-all Hassan is a mere low-caste servant who is jeered at street in the era of 1970’s Afghanistan. Amir enforces to a thought and belief that Hassan is not supposed to steal away his place in Baba’s heart. But neither of them could for-see what would happen to Hassan on the afternoon of tournament. The incident which shattered their lives forever.

The story takes a turning point from there. After the Russians invade the family is forced to fly away to America. After moving there Amir realizes that there will be time he must return, in search of one thing his life couldn’t grant him: redemption.

There are some golden moments into the book which will let you down to tears. The evening time after the kite tournament where both the boys talk with each other through their eyes. The moment when Amir is standing in a boulevard of infinite number of questions of blame, indignation, hate-red. According to me that is the best conversation ever I have read up til now. That past stole away my heart, I almost skipped a heartbeat while reading this. There are also some astonishing and shocking truths getting delivered as you progress reading. This book won’t let you live it alone because with each moment of read you’ll get more concerned and worried about the characters playing into the book. Khaled has directly poured his heart while writing this book. Some other light moments also weaves Hassan and Amir climbing up the trees, reading story books together. Amir’s hatred towards Aseef and his friends. Hassan’s defense against any word spoken against his best friend Amir by Aseef. There will be number of moments where Hassan’s honesty and sacrifice will bring lump to your throat. The life after Amir’s family shifts to America, Amir getting married to a girl named Soraya.

This book has got all the tenderness of truth with devastating incidents. Amir and Hassan steals away the show. Amir’s struggle is so pure. This book is truly a masterpiece, infact it’s a source of that pure insanity a 12 year year old boy could have. This book will leave you spellbound. The transition of thought process and maturity in a young Amir will make you dive into the ocean of emotions where the thrust of its waves won’t let you out of it. You’ll actually love to get drowned. Its painful yet pure.

Khaled Hossiene now has become an integral part of my life.

What do you say? Kindly share your experience reading this book.


  1. The most touching and captivating fiction I have ever read. I liked Khaled Hosseini’s convincing style of story telling. All characters were lucid and profound. The book was a window to Islam, Afghanistan, the country’s political scenario twenty years back, refugees, devotion, humanness, etc.


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