People say that first impression is the last impression, but is it so. Pride and prejudice is a very fine example that says the first impression should never be your last impression. Written by the famous author Jane Austen definitely needs no introduction as it was and still is one of the best novels in English literature. Jane Austen considered the lead character Elizabeth Bennet as her baby, has beautifully described the love-hate relationship of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy also beautifully captured the essence of English society.

Pride and Prejudice has every element which are present in our lives and each one is described wonderfully. It’s not like the regular kind of story where a girl meets a guy, first they fight then fall in love its actually how the girl brings in the changes in the guy and how she breaks all the prejudices which she created earlier, to be with the person she truly deserved.

Pride and prejudice has a variety of characters. Starting with the Bennet family consisting of Mr and Mrs Bennet, their five daughters Jane, the eldest, Elizabeth, the second eldest also the main lead of the book and very much closer to her father and Jane, Mary, Kitty and Lydia. As every mother is worried about her child’s future, Mrs Bennet was a worried mother who wanted her daughters to get married to suitable bachelors as they had no son and in that case if anything happened to Mr Bennet then their entire property would go to their nearest male relative. Uncertain about the future, Mrs Bennet wanted her daughters to get married, whereas Mr Bennet was a complete different personality who didn’t want his daughters to married get just for money but for love hence had complete faith in his daughters.

Jane, a complete sweetheart, beautiful, sensitive and her mother’s pride, much closer to Elizabeth. On the other hand Elizabeth, beautiful, witty and head strong, her father’s pride but quite judgemental. The other two sisters Mary and Kitty don’t have much of a role in the book, whereas Lydia later on becomes a catalyst in bring Darcy and Elizabeth closer, loves parties or in other words love going to ball and her main activity in life is socializing. Mr Collins a distant cousin of Mr Bennet also the heir to his estate if none of Mr Bennet’s daughter get married comes to the Bennet Estate in the hopes of getting married to Jane.

Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen teaches that never judge anyone by their first impression who knows what is the reason behind a certain kind of behaviour in that person also never be judgemental. Elizabeth was judgemental of Darcy hence she hated him at first, Darcy showed that he was rude and arrogant but actually quite lovable and adored by those who knew him and Wickham who made an impression that he suffered injustice from the hands of Darcy but actually his result was a result of his own action. So don’t be judgemental and never make your first impression your last one, cause you can only know a person properly when you meet him.

The story is centered over two Bennet sisters (Elizabeth and Jane) and Mr. Darcy and his best friend Mr. Bingley. Bingley and Jane falls in love but Darcy separates them as he got attracted towards Elizabeth’s witty charms. But Elizabeth gets feeling for Mr. Wickham, childhood friend and now rival of Darcy. Initially Elizabeth had been very judgemental regarding Darcy’s nature but later she finds Wickham a liar and falls for Darcy. Mourn lost loves for Jane, Bingley, Elizabeth, Darcy. At the end Jane gets married to Bingley and Elizabeth to Darcy.

The award for best dialogue of the book can be to the conversation when Darcy proposes Elizabeth saying:

“If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject forever”.

Narrative Stamina
Credible Dialogue
Audience Reach
Thought provoking
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