Well, did you missed out the first chapter of this “Ray and Veronica’s” love story? Then first read “Not a bad start” to continue with the second one.

June is ended and one of my favorite fruits Mango is going away from market as well as good movies released in summer vacations too. People got busy with their work and jobs and machine life, a kind of boring period is just started. Ray had nice time with friends and family because he has nice job in hand, also thinking to leave that job just for masters. With so many future options available in life, a man feels like he is having everything but always need a support. Veronica was that support for him. Whole day and night talking, sharing things and thinking of each other made them addicted totally for each other but they still do not know it.

After some meetings Ray asked Veronica out again, but this time with some more time. July 23rd 2010 it was. Season of rain was going, but unfortunately there was not a single cloud on sky since summer ended. Heat and shortage of water made amdavadi people crazy ;) :P. In after noon may be around 3 pm Ray picked Veronica nearby her house and this time they picked highway for the 1st time. Ray was feeling awesome that he is having a long drive with one of the most beautiful girls on earth. Nice music and atmosphere made Veronica also comfortable.

There were some small mountains and hills, small rivers, canals and so many places. They had some nice photography as well. Both had low megapixel mobiles but feeling of clicking those pics was just remarkable. Both were so much into each other that they drove around 150 km from their city where there was heal around 1000 steps high. Both went up there, there was a small temple and Ray seen Veronica and asked God that, “Please God if possible I want this girl as my life partner”. Damn..!! After asking to god Ray Started thinking what he asked!! It’s like feeling crazy, totally out of his mind, Veronica started asking for having some more pics but he refused. Ray avoid some talk and started thinking more deeply that where they both were going.

While all these things were going in mind of Ray, God started working over Ray’s demand as soon as possible. How?? All of a sudden sky started looking dark and darker, and shiny crystals of water started touching the ground. People were hiding under trees, Shopkeepers started removing their things lying on ground to sell, peacocks and other birds started singing. Seemed like typical Bollywood movie except the violins.

Veronica was fully excited to see the rain, she never ever felt such freedom and fun since a long time in her life from restrictions of family. She was so much happy that her smile started making Ray totally crazy and out of his mind, he was losing all of his controls over heart and body. Just staring her smiling lips, wet hairs and hypnotizing eyes. Rains slowed down and they both ran into car.

This time everything to set a romantic movie was there, A car, a couple, rains, greenery, high-way, except violins Green Day and Metallica was in playlist. Ray used to like more rock songs over any and veronica was also fan of English songs as well. The song ‘Nothing else matters’ started, slow intro portion just started and all of a sudden Ray started asking questions regarding her relationship status and BFF things. Veronica also started responding nicely without any hesitation. Final question was ‘Veronica do you have a Boy-Friend? She lowered down her eyes and replied slowly ‘No, Why?’ Directly without having a single thought Ray replied ‘I want to be that’. OMG! Was that a proposal..? No flowers, no chocolates, no gifts, no fancy things to impress a girl. In short the soldier is in war without any weapons. God can only save him from his worse communication skills. Seriously Ray proved himself to be one of the biggest jerks of entire planet, but his feeling was something different.

She was mute which was her habit that whenever something came to her, she isolated herself from everything and thinking about “How to avoid 3rd world war”. No answer. Ray continued, ‘Hey, Its ok no hurry, you can reply me anytime’. Veronica replied ‘It’s not like that, just I also feel the same and I also want you to be my BoyFriend’. Wowee….!! What a moment it was…!! Ray started losing control over car so he started taking his car a side and almost when he was going to park veronica said ‘Hey, don’t slow down. We have to reach home by time’. As it was already too much late Ray also felt the same, so he keeps on driving.

Ray did still not believed the moment that she said “YES”. After some time he realized that his wish almost comes true. For some time, there was total silence. Just car was moving, sound of rains is on and viper working over the front glass of the car.  No idea what to talk now, No idea what’s next. Veronica initiated “Look Ray this is the 1st time of her in relationship so she need some time to set into it.” And she liked him too much that she needed a promise from him that “He will never leave her alone ever in her life” while she was speaking Ray was just still out of world, looking at her hairs, her eyes while she was explaining, starring her lips and beauty of her which he never ever observed before.

All of a sudden he came back to real world that Ahmedabad is back and almost they have reached her home. Veronica might said so much but Ray not listened anything except looking into her eyes and love towards him. Ray asked her for a first kiss but she refused and finally a complementary kiss on chick she gave and went away.

Ray went home, his mom dad were waiting for him since long, and when he reached they started asking where you were and common questions asked to any teenage boy, and like other teenage boys Ray directly went in his room locked and sat. Watching and staring pics of the most memorable day of his life. He picked his phone and called Veronica, while at other side veronica was also waiting for the same call from him. They both started talking as a couple for the first time. Veronica was also very much happy that finally she got someone who love her, will take care of her. And while talking only she started crying that she had never ever had such a nice day. Ray made her relax and calm and made her smile by different sense of humor and made her believe in himself.

Till 4 am they both were awake talking and talking and talking. That how they had one of best day of their life and they were unaware of their lives which are going to change soon. Veronica was keeping some secrets, while Ray too. But they both were waiting for perfect time to share, so many things were talked and discussed among them but unsaid things were melting them from inside. Both were happy but at certain point both were still in some uncomfortable zone to share their biggest secrets of life. And in these thoughts only they both slept with an non-disconnected call, which costed Ray around 400 Rs of a night till 7 am. And when he woke, he woke up in a different world where his relationship status was changed.

Move to chapter 3 to know what happened next with RAY!



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