Brother and sister – such a pleasant, charming, delightful, honeyed relation, a stunning combination that have every spice of life, whether it’s fighting with each other for silly things or sharing your favourite chocolate or favourite t-shirt, caring for each other or teasing each other. Such things you can expect only from your sibling and I am sure you have experienced it too. And so have I, here I have listed few such things that I am sure only brother can do for his sister.

Knows who is worth for you!

It’s very well said “Only boys can read a boy’s mind”. This applies when your brother finds any of his or your friend checking you out. He starts checking all the information that he has about the guy to judge whether he is perfect for you or not. Many-a-times you have often heard “I know how he is., how guys of such type are. You just stay away from him. He is not the right choice”. At times we sisters do feel that brothers are too much interfering but later we come up with a conclusion that they are was right.

 Loves you unconditionally.

No matter how bad or ugly or rude you are, no matter how deadly he fights with you, ultimately he ends-up loving you the most. He know your faults, intrinsic worth, tragedies, embarrassments, achievements, conflicts and desire, he may scold you to worse but ultimately he cares for you the most.

 Always shield you

Only he has all the rights reserved to behave with you in any dam matter – he can fight with you, harass you, pull you hair, hide your favourite dress, tease you till you feel like beating him – if someone else doing that is caught, it’s probably his last day on this earth. He is always there to protect you from the dawn you had open your eyes to the dusk you end your life.

 Creates your image decent in front of your parents

Whatever you are, he knows you well. But when things come to parents, he will always try to create you image as a perfect girl in front of you parents. He will never count on your mistakes in front of your parents, even if parents are scolding you, he will smartly take you side to save you from the anger.

 Shares a language with you that only you both understand.

Trust me, he will always be the first person to sense your tension as you both are connected not only by blood but also by emotions and feelings. You need not to speak a word, he can understand your situation by just reading your face.

 He makes you laugh

Whether its exam tension or fight with your best friend, your brother will always be there to take you out from the situation and put a long lasting smile on your face, though it cost him doing any kind of crazy thing.

 Secrets are safely kept

As you both are together since the day you were born, you can always find him as the safest person in the world with whom you can share everything right from the childhood memories to grownup dreams.

 Always available for you.

He is the only person in the world to whom you can buzz even at 3pm and ask for help, or for any funny reason like just to keep talking as you are getting bore or you are scared being alone. You can hang out with him and can discuss over any antique stuff that exists in this world.

 Goes out of his way for you.

Brothers can always do anything just to fulfil every single wish of his dear sister, no matter whatever it cost him. Try asking for any dam thing that exist in this world and I bet he will bring that for you. Because you both are as close as hands and feet he can never afford to see you sad.

So this is it, I am sure you too have experienced many of the things mentioned above right? May be few other things that you might have experienced have not been listed here. So do comment and share such good things that you believe only your sibling can do for you.


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