I love movies, but some movies have epic teasers or trailers, and they just don’t turn out to be so good,*cough*Hawaizaada*cough*. The same applies to posters and these are what I think should be movie posters. So without wasting any time, let’s start with them.

Grown ups(both 1 and 2)

I still have nightmares about that film.

Home(the movie)

Watching that movie, all you could think of is that Sheldon is speaking that, not an alien.


How to train your dragon(both 1 and 2)

Toothless is the cutest dragon ever, anyone who thinks he is cutest pet ever say(comment) yay!
How to train your dragon


Still haven’t figured out the movie. A dream in a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream in a…! You get it, don’t you?


Another one by Nolan! Did anyone understand this without searching Google about it. I wonder what the first person who watched this movie must have done. He would be so confused.



*cough* India losing semi finals *cough*.



Oh Leo, will you ever receive an Oscar? At least I can say that I have as many Oscars as Leonardo DiCaprio.


Believe it, if you were an atheist you would be nodding all throughout the movie.
We come to an end of these witty pictures depicting what movie posters would look like if they were true. f you like tech and my style you can visit Droidfanboy to view more articles by me. Take note that these articles are relating to tech and if you do visit Droidfanboy, comment that you came to know about it from Movzio.



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