Hey friends, are you also single and not ready to mingle???? Then we are sailing in the same boat :) . Let’s explore this status known as “Single”. “Single” means you are brave enough to face the glorious unknown of the solitary journey. “Being Single” means you are at the top of the world, free to do whatever you  wish, no rules, no restrictions, no one to put a check mark on  you (except your parents ;) ).No bf no tension

Many people around me are depressed, sad, and lonely because they don’t have somebody. They think that once they finally find someone, they will be happy — and they will have no troubles. Well I have written this for all those humans today. It may be true that having someone can add to your happiness. I completely agree that it can occur and does occur when you find the right person that suits you. But I can recount many stories from my friends both male and female who are in relationships and are miserable. Many of them are trapped and they’d give anything to be single, to be in your shoes.

Being person with the status “Single”, I have experienced the “single-hood” at its highs and lows. Honestly speaking, I can draw more line towards benefits of “Being Single” rather than its ill effects. Let’s look at some of the positive aspects that I enjoy as “Being Single”.

1.   Singleness Brings Degree Of Freedom
“Being Single” means I have more freedom. I am answerable to no one (again I mention, except, my parents). It allows me for more spontaneity in my life. If I want to take a weekend road trip, I can make that decision on the spur. “Being Single” allows me to be my own person, to just do as I please, to make my own choices. I don’t need to call my boyfriend and request him to grant me permission to go somewhere. “Being Single” gives me a chance to break down those barriers and develop a forever-friendship with my friends. I can pick up and go anywhere I want, anytime I want.

2.   Money Mania
Relationships cost money, and that too lot of it!!! “Being Single” gives me full financial freedom. Think of the money you’ll save by not having to pay for overpriced dinners and movies, and buying all kinds of presents for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and anniversary and what not. Guys, you can get that new iPhone that has just launched in the market and girls, you can treat yourself to that piece of jewelry or new outfit that you are longing for, from your desired store or Mall from the money that don’t need to spend on your partner. So go ahead and order the most expensive item on the menu.

3.   Time Saving
Closely related to time is money. We live in a society where everyone is busier than Narendra Modi and Sonia Gandhi :P. When you’re single, you will have more time for yourself and for things that you like to do.  Take my example, I can freely set my own schedule. “Being Single” gives me more time for my hobbies, to work on my career, relaxation, being with friends and family, to better myself, learn a new language, read books of my interest, go travelling …. the list is endless. Relationships and marriages especially require a significant amount of time, as anyone who is married or in a relationship will tell you more about.

4.   No Need To Tolerate Anyone
It’s a fact – all of us have oddities about ourselves that someone else finds annoying. “Being Single” frees me from this issue. “Being Single” allows me to give my patience a rest and live in a non-frustrating environment. The only disgusting habits I’ll have to put up with are my own.

5.   No Emotional Roller Coaster Rides
“Being Single” allows me to stabilize my emotions. When a person is in a relationship, especially when it is just starting, their emotions can go completely out of smack. their mind can go a mile a minute constantly thinking things like, “Does she/he still like me?”, “Did I say the right thing?”, “What should I do now?”, “When should I call next?” The list goes on and on. It’s enough to make a person go nuts with all these thoughts running rampant. Another point is, “Being Single” doesn’t need a person to worry about heart-wrenching breakup.

6.   Ability To Know Yourself
“Being Single” can give me a deeper awareness of who you re – not someone as defined by a relationship. During the initial stages of a relationship, one tries to make themselves look as good as possible to impress their partner. I’ve often found themselves saying and doing things that they normally wouldn’t do. “Being Single” allows me to be myself and develop who I really am. I can upgrade myself to what my heart’s desires; take up the hobbies that I love to pursue. Living single gives me the freedom to discover myself.

7.   Make Your Life Anything You Want It to Be
This is ultimately the biggest advantage of “Being Single”. “Being Single” I have the unique opportunity to mold and shape my life and pursue my dreams. “Being Single” lets me to dedicate myself to my career. There are no reasons to settle for second-best and no one else is depending on the choices that I make. I do not have to consider another person while making life decisions for myself. I can pursue my career ambitions while I am single.

These are just some of the advantages of “Being Single”. As I progress into becoming a successful single, I will find more and more advantages.

To feel more proud on “Being Single”, just let your mind food up with the thoughts on some points mentioned below and you will be walking like a lion in the jungle among all the committed ones.

  • Pen down the advantages that you find on “Being Single” apart from those points mentioned above.
  • What things you feel you can’t do after being in commitment that you are doing now?

You are in a unique position that may not last forever, take advantages of the opportunities before they fly away!!!
Stay “Single”. Stay Happy. :)


  1. Hi Dharita,

    I was single for 2 years before I met my fiancee. I simply wanted to chill, become comfortable with being myself and find great clarity in my life.

    One day I decided I wanted to meet someone, I sent out this intent to The Universe and by the following week we met through weird circumstances. Such is the Power of The Universe, right?

    But being single can be a blessing if you want to be single. No need to hurry or rush into a relationship. It is best to be fully clear on what you want to do with your life, and whether or not you want to spend it with somebody, or not, then you can move forward.

    Kelli – my fiancee – and I love each other very much but we both have separate lives too. We are independent in our own ways. I think this has helped the relationship; we both still have single streaks.

    Thanks for the fun share.


    • Hi Ryan,
      You are lucky to be in such kind of relation . very few are as lucky as you.

      Keep reading our articles and share your views by comments
      Stay Single Stay Happy

    • Hi Nilay,
      Thanks .I agree with you. Now-a-days people want to be in relation not by their choice but because people around them are in relation . Also some thinks it “TO BE COOL” to be in relation. This article is for them .

      keep reading our articles and share your views by comments

      Stay Single Stay Happy

  2. absolutely, being single signifies no restrictions from a partner. i was 28 years old when i got married which means that i enjoyed being single for quite some time. my advice to those singles out there, please don’t rush yourself in finding the right partner because once you have found him/her and decided to settle down, you will be committed to something forever especially once you have your own children….. it would never be the same again… enjoy yourself being Single

    • Hi Marilyn Cada,
      thanks for your valuable comment. i completely agree with you. Now days, most of people want to be in relationship. They think that they will be happy for ever after getting Mr. /Miss. perfect.But they dont know that “Being Single” is like flying bird in the sky, Right ?

  3. superb article…it’s very true!! ” being single means there is no restriction from any person and we can do anything..!! “

    • Hi Jhanvi Joshi,
      thanks alot for showing your interest towards the article. I completely agree with you .

      keep reading and and writing

      Stay Single Stay Happy

    • Hi Emmanuel,
      Thank you so much for your compliment.

      Keep reading our articles and share your views by comments
      Stay Single Stay Happy

  4. A good message and lesson to those who think its cool to be in a relationship. In addition to those ‘forever alone’ type people who feel self pity for not being in a relation which could be fatal. Self pity is never good, not at all. They just tend to miss out on the positive sides. Just like you said, “catch up on this phase of your life before it flies away”. Thumbs up for you girl.
    Relationships are totally the other way around and take a lot of hard work and patience than how people think it to be; an easy one or pass time thing.
    Your articles are always positive and totally not oriented in a negative manner.
    Your articles definitely presents the advantages of being single plus has reflected nicely the positive sides too!!

    Well written, my girl! Keep writing.

    Stay happy and healthy.

    Shivani Sharma.
    Your ‘mam’ . Haha. :P :D

    • Thank you very much for your such a supportive comment and encouragement mam :) . Well said about “feeling pity”, I do agree with you, and I believe if you are not ready enough for relation then better to stay single and give yourself little more time rather than just rush into relationship and spoil yours and your partner’s life as you said “Relationships are totally the other way around and take a lot of hard work and patience…”.

      Keep Supporting.
      Keep Smiling.


  5. Hi Dharita,

    For me, Arranged marriages are a bit scary. It seems more like a business deal than an actual relationship. From my perspective, as a man, there are a number of questions that a girls family raises up.

    1) How much money are you making?

    2) What are your next 5 year plans?

    3) blah, blah, blah.. etc

    There are a million and one questions that come probing into your life!

    Where is the love? Its a business deal, nothing more.

    Everything is superficial.

    Hey, i am not the lucky ones who found love. But, i am happy with my life, and i love my dog!


    • Hi Piyush,
      I agree with your opinion about arrange marriage. I do believe the same. My point here is not that you should never fall in love ; what I want to say is – don’t feel inferior until you find your best match.
      Love doesn’t mean only what you get from your better-half; love means “the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another” – it lies in Mother’s affection, father’s care, sister’s tease, Brother’s fight, best friend’s mischief, and in your case its in your pet’s loyalty.

      Keep Loving your dog

      Keep Smiling. Stay happy :)


  6. Ladki Saath Ho To Restaurant Ka Bill
    Ladki Door Ho To Mobile Ka Bill
    Ladki Hamesha Ke Liye Hi Door Ho Jaye To Daaru Ka Bill
    Isliye Na Lagao Dil Na Aayega Bill…

    100% agree with you Dharita Chokshi
    Keep Going ……
    Good Luck ………

    • Hey Bhrugu,
      Thanks for your kind support :D . “Isliye Na Lagao Dil Na Aayega Bill…” :lol:
      Stay Single, Stay Happy.



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