1.) 60% of doctors don’t follow hand-washing guidelines.

Source: CDC Morbidity and Morality Weekly Report

It’s basic learning that washing your hands is the most ideal approach to abstain from getting wiped out and keep the spread of germs and disease. A great many people wash their hands before get ready nourishment or treating wounds and after they utilize the lavatory or handle grimy articles, in the same way as cash or diapers.

But do you know that more than 50% of doctors don’t follow this very basic routine?


 2.) 96% of doctors agree they should report impaired or incompetent colleagues or those who make serious mistakes, but…

Many blunders have taken place in the world of Medication and Surgery but is anyone found guilty yet? Are there any reports filed against such crucial mistakes “Which must never be committed” by the doctors or say senior doctors? No! Well, obviously the reasons are not known till now. Are they trying to protect their image by covering those mistakes? The answer still lies un-answered.


3.) 46% of them admit to having turned a blind eye at least once.

Source: Annals of Internal Medicine

And as most of the doctors i.e. 96% of the doctor agrees to not have reported impaired or incompetent colleagues or those who make serious mistakes, the shocking part is that these doctors have atleast turned a blind eye for once.

Puzzled male shrugging wearing lab coat

4.) 94% of doctors have accepted some kind of freebie from a drug company.

Source: New England Journal of Medicine

Yeah yeah….!!! Its like we all have seen the queues of MRs waiting for the doctors to get free and make a cool deal with their drug companies. I guess lunch time is a perfect time to hit the doctors with the best deals possible.

At the point when patients get medicines from specialists/doctors, they presumably accept the specialists are recommending them what would be best for their conditions. Be that as it may therapeutic experts realize that the degree to which those medicines are affected by pharmaceutical organizations can be genuinely high.


5.) 44% of doctors admit they’re overweight.

Source: Nutrition & Food Science, Minnesota Medicine

Next time any doctor advices you on your body physic, watch out the obesity levels of that doctor :P . I have seen heart surgeons being an over-weight themselves.


6.) 58% would give adolescents contraceptives without parental consent.

Source: New England Journal of Medicine 

Due to their young age, minors may not completely comprehend the health ramifications of taking such contraceptives. Yet regardless of these restorative dangers and state laws doctors pass on the prescription without any second thought.

Just 21 states expressly permit all minors to agree to prophylactic administrations without parental consent. Legalities aside, contraceptives can result in serious health issues for ladies including stroke, blood clumps, bone density loss or agony.


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