Few days back I was reading a magazine in the cool breeze of morning with my cup of coffee where there was a very sharp article regarding the nation’s voice. How a nation can be made heard by raising the voice of media. What actually a media is and how it must be implemented for any nation to grow. Now this thing made me think that blogs also act as one kinda media, a media which also serves equivalently in varying ratios to the people. So, I thought why not to relate the 6 Commandments of Alian de Botton – FRSL is a Swiss/British writer, philosopher, television presenter and entrepreneur, resident in the United Kingdom. . So here I go.

Journalism Ethic #1 : News organizations should understand their power: To dictate what our idea of other people will be like, the power to invent a nation in our imagination.

We as a blogger always keep on posting the stuffs related to our niche and people and call it as a news but actually news are something which truly has got a power in itself, a power to refine, a power to understand the minds of our readers and believers. They must believe in the news you deliver, in the words you say. The nation cannot move alone, it always moves ahead with people, ideas and of-course media. A news organization has got the powers to unite and build a nation as well the power to disintegrate and demolish a nation. The power which is laid in such hands are actually very fragile and critical in nature until and unless it gets published.

Journalism Ethic #2 : The news should make us angry, but for the right reasons, to the right degree and for the right length of time.

We often long for writing something which can raise some issue or raise some eyes and move it towards our write-up but what actually lies beyond it? Each and every news is not supposed to be cheesy and positive every-time, it can be negative and aggressive too but that must be for the correct reasons. When you know you are cent percent right, raise your voice there. The news must be independent and loud enough to crack minds of people.

Journalism Ethic #3 : It is not enough to collect facts, tease out their relevance as well.

This is a digital age which lacks relevance with the facts at times. We live in a very fuzzy atmosphere where dynamism kicks any moment of time. We are acquainted with the facts, we know about it but smart work is when you know what to believe and what not to. People are often confused between a fact and a news. Generally people consider news as the facts whereas in real news are just a temporary updation. Whenever the true facts are revealed people just get to know it, but what is the actual ratio or say a permuted number of people believing those facts? Hardly anyone.

Journalism Ethic #4 : News should use photography not just as corroboration but also as a revelation.

We all have experienced and seen that what is the importance of expressions in journalism or say writing? We use photographs in our featured images and also in between our articles but have we thought what impact can it create? We hardly take care while uploading any images or photographs for our article but do they really speak? Do they express? When you’ll take care of this thing you’ll automatically have that sparkle in your write-up that is it’ll be a revelation to what you really want to say. Photographs speak more than words.

Journalism Ethic #5 :  News should treat celebritydom with more respect.

Well, well now this is something which any of us couldn’t deny accepting that adding up a spice while delivering news involving any celebrity.  It is like we feel deprived or out of scope if we just talk straight regarding any buzz in the town. There are like so many happenings in the B-Town and Hollywood say for an example but the media tries to spice up each of those updates. I mean what is the need of doing so? When you have the real stuff with you why can’t it be as it is?

Journalism Ethic #6 : Occasionally, news should be switched off to introspect.

Generally the case is such where the news is delivered in the form of what that particular editor or the person covering anything new has got his own insights for that event. Currently media coverage is such that it has got a critical touch or say personal thinking. The orientation much be varying on a larger scale so that it doesn’t become monotonous for people looking towards that particular domain of news.

So, this was all about exploring these commandments before you. Kindly let us know your insights for the same.

I would like to conclude my write-up by de Botton’s words:

The news isn’t just about who we are but who we could be.

You are warmly welcomed to give suggestions or acknowledgements regarding this simple attempt.


  1. Journalism will be fruitful if you have passion for it. Otherwise its just a waste effort. The above ethics are well written and explained. Votes up for the writing.

    Keep providing such articles. Cheers :)


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