“Summer”, only the name, scares most of us, and is a nightmare for many people with oily skin. While summer and skin are born enemies here in India. Arrival of summer gives you a sensation deep within that your skin is going to suffer hard. Do you think that your skin is precious? Do you want to protect your skin? Do you wish to get skin like your favorite star actor / actress? Here are 5 simple steps that every celebrity follows to keep their skin healthy and shining. And you should also if you want to get the same skin like them.

Wash your face only twice/thrice a day: 

Wash your face

It’s good to wash your face whenever you get back from anywhere, but when you over wash your face (specially with soap), your skin sends signals to your oil gland to over produce oil, making it more and more greasy and that can lead to ‘pimples’. So avoid excessive cleansing and let your skin get a natural balance on itself.

You can just splash your face with cold water, doing that will get rid of the dirt from face and even provide coolness which will reduce the production of oil from oil glands.

Don’t use soap at any cost: 

13PM001 Trade Leaflet 8

Soap was invented since ancient time, but has been used for cleaning body only since mid-eighteenth century. Soap is made from fats and oils mixed with alkali and glycerin. These ingredients may remove dirt from your body but are particularly harmful to your face. Soap can damage tissues near your eyes, nose and lips as they are much more sensitive than tissues from your rest of the body, moreover using soap makes your skin oilier over the time. Over 50% of pimples, acne, blackheads and sometimes even spots/patches are result of soap.

Choose the correct facewash: 


There are more than 500 different facewash products that are available for you to choose from.

Let me first make it clear that there is no major difference between most of the facewash that you see in those television commercials. Each and every facewash is made from the same base,

The only thing that can differentiate a facewash with a better facewash is “Salicylic Acid”.

Salicylic acid is a natural ingredient obtained from the willow bark tree. This is the key ingredient that helps your skin to get rid of blackheads, whiteheads, and even pimples for some reason. Main advantage of salicylic acid is that it keeps a decent control over the oil production rate of your skin. Before getting a facewash make sure it contains at least 1% of salicylic acid in it.

Personal advice – Try “Saslic DS” facewash, it contains 2.5% of salicylic acid and is a foam facewash.

Moisturize your skin: 


Key to a healthy skin is to moisturize it daily. Doesn’t matter how oily your skin is, you need to apply moisturizer to keep it healthy. Try ti keep on gentle gel moisturizer that are colorless and specially fragrance less. Each and every celebrity keeps a moisturizer handy (even Rajpal Yadav :P) . Moisturizers may attract a bit of dirt but don’t worry that dirt won’t get to your skin. A good quality moisturizer may increase your melamine connect of your skin cells and over long run that will make you fair for sure.

Personal advice – If you have an oily skin try “Mint Moisturizing Gel”.

Always keep a Sunblock handy: 


Sun is now on a completely new mission that is to burn our skin and possibly damage it in such a way that cannot be repaired. Sun emits UVA and UBA rays that give us sun burns. At first it may feel like your pimples are drying up due to the sun, but those rays actually worsen your pimples and ultimately spread them over the area. The old acne and pimple marks can also be worsen by those rays. After all there’s a reason stars don’t step out without a thick layer of sunblock (practically). Always, I mean it; always apply sunblock over your face and hands before rushing out in the sun.

Personal advice – Sunblock over 30/50+ PF will do well. But considering the temperature and UV rays this summer, better go with a sunblock of 100+ PF.

Conclusion :- 

Well, you might be feeling now that wowe! I knew this stuffs very well. But buddy you didn’t apply it! So, its time for a change, a change in your outlook, a change in your persona. So, follow these 5 things and “BEAT THE HEAT”.

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