Hello readers. Hope you are doing well, if not then I have something to share with you which will brighten up your mood in few minutes. What I have got I my bag to day is 5 websites where you can play a simple game and get to know about your personality and also what suits your personality whether its your career or anything else.

What is your personality type?

Starting with the very first game in the list than this is something which is truly unique. You know there are 16 types of personalities in all. So, each one of us possess a personality that is among these 16 personalities. This game has got 60 questions which are supposed to be answered by you in an honest way. Depending upon your answers you’ll be given the final result of what kind of personality you have. You’ll be judged on the basis of the answers you give. When I gave my test I was found to be the one having ENJF type of personalities.
The website to check your type of personality you can go to this site “16Personalities”.


What Country in the World Best Fits Your Personality?

Have you planned anything out for this vacation? Did you go anywhere for an outing or a trip or any destination for having a mini vacation with your buddies? No? Are you in a dilemma of which place can be the most suitable for spending a holiday, a destination which will suit your personality? Then, here is the answer for you. This quiz will try to know your taste buds, hobbies and much more to find out the exact destination you must prefer to move into for a perfect enjoyment. This is totally a thrilling one. You can definitely plan your vacation with this quiz. I got New Zealand as my perfect destination. What is your?


What Career Are You Meant For?

It was then and it is till now when the students of 10th and 12th got their results. Now, the toughest question you can ever encounter with, What Career suits me the best? What Career am I meant for? Well, while I was exploring and enjoying these quizzes I got this one for you people, especially the students. This is the best tool to check out what actually you must become and relative questions. So, go for it and find out. Trust me, I got “Writer” as an answer and it is totally perfect.


Which World Cup Team Should You Play For?

So, after the grand and lavish opening ceremony of the FIFA Worldcup 2014, enjoying the Pitbull, Lopez and ofcourse our Waka-Waka girl Shakira, it’s time to support our teams right? But, seems you are a newbie to Football, isn’t it? if so, then do not waste any more moment and give this quiz to know that your ideology and persona fits which football team. So, if you are that tika-taka from Spain, or the footy Brazilian or a hard core fan of the nest physic “Ronaldo” from Portugal team..you’ll find it out in here. Just 10 questions and you are done to follow.


Anything you would like to know about your best suitable things

The one stop hot destination to give so many quizzes like this is QUIZDOO ! Want to know the gender of the brain? Want to know the subconscious personality of your brain? Want to know what might happen to you tomorrow? Such curious questions answered in just 10 simple steps of answering and you’ll be answered.


I got pretty interesting stuffs out there.

Trust me, it really gives you the exact results and at times quite surprising ones too.

Common now, go for it and drop your answers in our commenting box. Be quick.





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