Every love relationship that is based on mutual liking goes through various states without the couple in the relationship even realizing it. That, however, is quite normal. But a little knowledge does no harm. These stages play a critical role in maintaining the relationship or let’s say, deciding the ‘survival factor’ of your relationship. Moreover when you’re aware of these critical factors, you can be more capable of sustaining a healthy and long-term relationship. So, lets have a view, shall we?

Stage 1: Infatuation

Butterflies in the stomach all day long? Yes you’re most probably stuck by an arrow from the cupid. People meet people, they happen to like each other and the late night talks, stolen glances, hidden dates; All start in a go. Almost 99% of the people mistake it to be in love. However I’d say this is not even 1 % part of being in love, literally speaking. These are only the hormones talking, preparing the couple for the next stage of the relationship where the love actually starts to grow in.

Stage 2: Developing Fondness

After getting bitten by the infatuation, a couple starts to get fonder of each other. The more time they spend with each other, the more they like being in the relationship. This and the first stage together can be termed as the ‘Honeymoon Phase’ , however, the second stage builds a road to a more mature stage of relationship.

During this stage, the couple would like to try out all sorts of things that couples do. They dream, they fantasize. The hang out most of the time together. They even spend time doing things for their significant half. This stage, in fact, is very beautiful in itself and couples should really make the most out of it.

Stage 3: Things Cooling off and Developing Understanding

At this stage the so called love or infatuation starts wearing off. The girl and boy move to their respective routines and now things might not seem as exciting as they were before. Well, actually, this also is the hormones talking. The hormones that raised their levels when you first met your love HAD to go back to their normal level sometime. You can’t always get a high on seeing your partner. Moreover, an all time existing excitement isn’t healthy for the body too, that’s just abnormal i.e. if that happens.

Most couples mistake this stage as Falling out of love and that often results in the end of love-healthy relationships. Then they say that never saw it coming. Some anxiety disorders and depression could also contribute to this. However if developed a healthy understanding between the partners this stage can be survived without any major clashes. One only needs to understand that things cooling off doesn’t mean that you’re falling out of love but that you need to find new ways to be together or maybe just spice up the old ways.

Stage 4: Discovering Each Other and Acceptance

During this stage, a couple finds out things about each other that they never knew. Some might please them and some might just play a role of amusing factor. This is really funny how two people in relationship claim to know each other completely when they’re all infatuated with each other and later, they happen to discover new-good-weird things about each other. Discovery of new features about partner leads to acceptance usually.

Acceptance plays a huge role in success of a relationship. Hardly any relationship is perfect; in fact not a single one is. So fretting about the flaws that your partner possess or any shortcoming that you see in your relationship upon comparison to a picture perfect image of a bollywood relationship, let me tell you, that is not gonna help. Between, before that, Do you really want to help yourself in the first place? Then cut yourself and your relationship some slack. Whining or complaining about the way things are doesn’t help. What helps is accepting the things the way they are. Any relationship could land a page in one of those fairy tale books, even yours. Remember, even the moon isn’t perfect!


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