Have you ever wondered how some people have a physic that you always crave for? Do you ever think what they do to keep themselves so fit and healthy? Have you ever given it a thought how some people have such an attractive glow that you always dream to have? Ever wondered what are the secrets behind their physical and mental fitness? If yes than you are on a right track, this article will bounce some simple yet so effective health tips which would help you to get “guise” for which you were always fantasizing about.

Talking about facts and figures, according to the survey of 2014, only 5.7% of people are actually satisfied with their own physic, rest 94.3% folks are always in a race to transform themselves into something that would make them attraction of people.



It’s truly said “Water is Life.” Everyone drinks water, but what actually matters is the quantity. Another survey found says that more than 70% of people around the world takes less intake of water than what is needed by the body. Having 8-12 glass of water a day is just a misconception, that is the minimum intake to be clear, an average intake should be around 6 liters of water and a healthy water intake that I would suggest is 8-10 liters a day.

Water has some specific qualities that nothing else can replace like, water is the only thing that keeps you hydrated and controls all the body fluids. Water cleans the toxic waste that can affect your digestive system and overall makes your skin glow. 90% of your brain consists of water so taking plenty of water reduces the amount of headache. Water also controls the amount of calorie you keep in your body and for such reasons water is described in every single diet plan you see. So first thing you should do is get up and drink a complete 1 liter water bottle right away.



Sleep do play the most important role for mental fitness, It helps to reduce the stress, makes your mind sharp, keeps our heart healthy, keeps blood pressure in control, makes us active, memory power increases, reduces risk of depression, helps our body replenish (Like a reboot of our body). I am not even close of describing all the benefits. Exercise won’t help you if you don’t get enough sleep so only exercise and less sleep would actually reduce your body instead of building it, as muscles only grows and heals when you sleep. Besides you do want to get smart right, don’t have to do anything for that, just take 8 hours of sleep every night. But lack of sleep can shrink your brain size and that is what causes the headache. So if you want to get a gold medal as a topper I suggest you take some time to sleep.



Fast food, a disaster crated by humans. A recent survey shows that the obesity has increased 56% all over the world since 2001, and the main reason is found to be fast food. So healthy food leads to your physical health that is for sure. Healthy food controls weight, both ways. Food also has a direct effect on your mood, food helps fighting specific diseases, Boots energy to a certain level, Increases longevity, I mean with a healthy eating habit the chances you live more is increased by 80%. On the other hand unhealthy food leads to blood pressures, pain in certain parts of body, heart disease, and the very common obesity. So eat healthy & stay healthy.

So you found these all so simple right, but try to implement the, implementing is not so easy at first, make a habit of all these 3 and I guarantee you will reach you goal in no time.


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