Happy Navratri to all the reader! May Goddess Amba fulfill all your dreams. As you all know well people around the world are very well aware of the terms Navratri and Garba. It’s so popularity, that as soon as one comes in contact to a Gujarati, the very next thought that comes to his/her mind is Garba.

A non Gujarati may ask “What really Navratri is”. Let me tell you, the word Navratri is combination of two words – Nav means nine and Ratri means night. So Navratri is a festival wherein people celebrate the power of 9 forms of goddess Amba. It’s a festival of enjoyment, dance, colors, and lots of love.

Navratri is not limited only to the Gujaratis or Indians, people around the globe love doing Garba and they do celebrate Navratri very well. A lot of non Gujaratis keep wondering why we love Garba too much. Ask any Gujarati and he or she will give a hundred points as to why they love Garba! For now, here I come up with 12 reasons why we Gujaratis love Garba!

Garba – The word itself is too toxic that it makes our feet dancing.

As soon as the word “Garba” comes to the ear of any Gujaratri, somewhere in his/her mind he/she starts planning about Navratri and his/her feet starts practicing the steps even in very unnoticeable manner, his heart starts dancing to the tune of Garba. We Gujaratis are cool enough to get high by doing Garba and that could be the reason why Gujarat is dry state.


Planning starts before 1 month

The preparation starts before 1 month of Navratri, almost after rakshabandhan. It takes time as long as planning for wedding. It seems to be festival of 1 month rather than 9 days.


The wonderful traditional music called Garbo

The Garbo – songs on which we do Garba, are traditionally rich and actually depict the culture of Gujarat. We love these songs to such an extent that while playing garba we even sing at the top of our voices.


The enormously gracious attires.

This is the most wonderful reason why we love Navratri. Any girl dressed in chanya choli looks beautiful and any guy dressed in kediya looks handsome and this the surest fact. You can accept this blindly.


One of the best festivals which we love to celebrate with our friends as well as family

There are some festivals which we love to celebrate with our family and there are some we love to celebrate with our friends. But Navratri is one of those rare festivals which we can celebrate with both our friends and family.


Enjoyed by all kind of people.

People from every culture enjoys the festival of Navratri with pleasure. Even foreigners residing in India join us in this so beautiful festival.


Easy to learn and perform.

Garba is just so easy to learn that you just observe the person performing Garba for few minutes and you can dance to his rhythm easily and nicely. People of all age group can easily learn and do love to perform Garba.


Best way to exercise

Garba is considered as one of the best way of exercise. If you’re on a weight losing fling, go play Garba for 9 days of Navratri. I can guarantee you, you’re assured to lose some kilos!


The amazing food that follows after Garba

Gujaratis are foodies, no disagreeing that. One of the best thing about Navratri that I consider is the amazing delicious tasty Gujarati food after a tiring Garba session that you can just not ignore. Fafada, Dhokla, Khichu…. Wow sounds yummy.


Hangout with friends till late night.

Yes, this is true. Navratri is the only festival during which parents allow their children to hangout with their friends and cousins till late night. Navratri is the festival when we can meet very old friends too.


Religious values are maintained too

As stated in the introduction, Navratri is celebrated in order to pray to Goddess Amba. We pray Goddesses before we start playing. It is believed that Garba is performed to worship Goddess Amba and the atmosphere of aarti gives us strength for playing Garba till late night.


None of our festivals are complete without Garba

Last but not the list, take any of our festivals or celebration where Gujaratis are involved – Holi, Ganesh Chaturti, weddings, engagements, birthday parties, not a single of them are complete without Garba. There has to be atleast one round of Garba!


These are my reasons regarding “Why We Gujaratis Love Garba” If you have any other reason of your own which has not been listed here then do share it by posting it in comment box. I would love to hear that. And do not forget to share this article if you’re a true Garba lover.

Happy Navratri to all once again!


  1. Sarcaism on dry state was good …. couldn’t stop laughing but it was true that it makes us high :p


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