1) It’s all about JUGGAD : This is the best thing that I have learnt by working in a tech startup. You don’t think much before executing any plan. Just do it thinks will work out eventually. If they there’s always a way out. After all tech start-ups have engineers working and no soul can beat them in JUGGAD.




2) Bullshit free zone: A tech company is totally a bullshit free zone. Everyone minds their own business. Every Tom Dick and Harry is glued to their computers with music playing in their headphones. Infact the total words spoken by me in 10 minutes is equivalent to total words spoken by the team in the whole day. It’s a no-nonsense place.




3) Fixed working hours: If you feel your job is a 9-5 working than a tech startup is just isn’t the place for you. The working hours are to be continued till all the queries are solved and a new APi has been made. It may take 14 hours and at times just merely 4 hours and then you gossip about everything. You usually work till sleep finds you.


4) Live to Eat: Coding and Programming is a no child’s play is a tough task, sitting at one place and glued to the screen you obviously need something to keep you going. There are snacks and tea coming every couple of hours. Tea becomes the basic necessity for living.

5) Formals: This the best part of a startup tech company. There is no restriction on what you wear. You are judged by the quality of your code and not the code of your dress. You can come to work wearing shorts and it’s totally fine.


Meme 8436

6) To Do List: In a start tech up there is always a “to do list” pinned up in front of your eyes. It makes you aware of the pending tasks before you, and its engineers tendency best results come out of pressure.

7) Everyone is a boss: In a startup there is no dominance. Everyone is a boss. Everyone has equal rights to give opinions and give suggestions and debate.



8) Sharing is Caring: There is nothing like mine it’s all about ours.

sharing food


9) Every conversation turns into an idea: Startups have people who are enthusiastic, optimistic as well as hard working therefore many times a random conversation turns into a business idea.

10) Idea to revenue model: The business idea being discussed turns out into a serious conversation and a revenue model is made through it.


busines model



11) You matter: Every single soul matters in a startup. You might not be having an influential work designation but still as you are the only one with that specific skill set you matter to the company.

Meme 6677

12) We are a family: In a startup the number of employees aren’t many so there is are bonding an attachment that is formed in the group. It’s a gloomy day if a joke hasn’t been cracked or someone hasn’t been teased. It’s a happy family away from a family.


office family


There is always so much to learn, experience and grasp from a startup that you just can’t express it through a permutation and combination of 26 words.



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