Party, Party, Party.

“Boys will be boys” no matter what the news is, all they really care about is a treat. Some would opt for bottle while others for dinner or whatever they can get out of him. They don’t want to know the girls name until the place for party is decided.

SO, when can we meet her?

Well most of the boys just want to see the girl and give their views about her. Boys do share a bond, and for many people, their friends view do matter. But all they really want is to call her bhabhi on her face.


Anyways, show us her photo..

Many boys get desperate to see the girl in their friend’s life. All they need is a peek to what his friend found and is she really worth it. They do compare girl’s in their lives to see who got better.

Show her pic

And she is which numbered Girlfriend  ?

Sometimes even friends forget’s how many Ex’s their friend has, and that brings the humor out when a friends asks “ Bhai ye konse number ki hai ?”

Dude, hope you’re serious this time ?

After all who knows a person better than his friend’s and this reaction comes from every one when the guy is stud and has a good personality and his list has crossed more than 5 girls.

Your GF ????

This could be the worst reaction anyone could possibly give. Just imagine someone giving a serious look while saying “U even have a Girl Friend”. Insulting but there’s always someone to demoralize you right.

Teri GF !

Are you serious, she is YOUR gf?

Friends never get tired of pulling each other’s leg, even when it is something really important. And this line really adds those 5 starts in a group talk.

Langur with angur

You forgot us, right?

Very very common dialogue that one would here after getting committed. And friends would make sure that he feels that way. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand boys too, this is their way of having fun. They would fight for your time suddenly, and kick you for not giving time to them.


No problem buddy, mistakes happen (sattire)!

Yeah, that’s what friend thinks when he comes to know that his pal got committed. Other lines coming in the same category would be “Beta tere bure din shuru”, “Suicide karne ki itni jaldi kyat hi tuje”. Obviously all this things are for fun but that moment to see such reactions coming is just awesome.

Does she have any sisters?

Everyone accept it, you all have said this to your friend. “Mera bhi kuch karva na” is also something all guys must have said to their friends who are committed. You remember that don’t you.


These moments are really special to all of us, & yeah a true friend is not the one who just says congratulations and gives you a normal handshake, but instead a real friend would give you hug and say ‘beta lag gai teri aab’.

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