We gujaratis are not only fond of food these days but also indulged in the different trends and blends too. One of which is “Photgraphy”. Here it is how we gujaratis punch their feedbacks after someone clicks our photographs.

1.) બતાય બતાય

(Show me…. Show me…)

This is like the very first thing we want to do when someone finishes off clicking the photographs. We rush towards the photographer as if we are running after a rugby ball.


2.) બે તને પડતા જ નથી આવડતો

(You don’t have those skills to click photographs)

We are never satisfied with whatever efforts our friends try to put in clicking our pics, unless and until we find it damn awesome.


3.) નથી સારો યો, બીજો પાડ ચલ …!!!

(Too bad pic, click another one.)

We always look out for excuses so that we can get more number of pics clicked of ours.


4.) બેક ગ્રાઉંન્ડ બરોબર નથી આયુ, બીજો પાડ.

(The background is not good at all, take another one.)

If in case our photograph comes out to be great, we find the background issues and grab the best photographs possible.


5.) ફલેશ ઓન કર .

(Flash is OFF, kindly put it ON)

Its like the most important feature we are acquainted with, to come up with the best angles and pics possible.

images (2)

6.) HDR mode તો ઓન કર .

(Buddy, put ON the HDR Mode.)

This is the feature through which we love to flaunt our knowledge of the gadget as well as photography both.


7.) બે ત્રણ – ચાર ક્લિક સાથે પાડી લેજે .

(Click 2-3 on a single go.)

Satisfaction is where the photogenics are deficient of, but can’t help it as we love doing it.


8.) પેહલા મારા એકલા નો, પછી આખા ગ્રોઉપ નો .

(First only of mine, and then of the group as a whole.)

The highest priority is all about clicking the individual pics and then comes the group picture into the scenes.

images (2)

9.) જો બકા, DP રાખવાનો છે તો મસ્ત પાડજે .

(This is gonna go for the DP, so click the best one of me)

The most important task we consider, infact why we consider pics to be important because that goes as an update to our current DPs.

Whatsapp Good morning photos for buddies

10) યાર તું રેહવા દેજે, આના કરતા હું જાતે જ પાડી લઈશ Selfie.

(You better leave it, I’ll click selfie instead)

The last option left to do is the most versatile thing these days, the SELFIES….!!!



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