“A Scientist, Mathematician and an Engineer walk into a bar. Bartender looks at them and says: “Is this some kind of a joke!””

When it comes to a talk of describing the life of an “engineering student”, you will always get the typical expressions and words in anticipation. You may consider any IIT, NIT, a poor, average or any good engineering student, the story remains the same.

In the college life of an engineering student, the “EXAMS” play a vital role in making their student life most memorable.

The night before the exams comprises of a several funny but true bunch of activities. Check out below.

1.) You start sounding like Sherlock Homes

The first and foremost thing which an engineer does is to analyze what kind of exam, which exam and how much course and weightage does it hold. Your nervous system starts responding to each and every minute details which that particular course comprises of.


2.) How much done? 

This is like the most favorites well as the most irritating question any engineering student feels to encounter when being asked. We engineers call everyone asking “How Much Done?” and in return get all the possible slangs lying in the dictionary.


3.) Maggie – The national food for students

Keeping awake till late night makes Jack a hungry boy. This is the scene with each one of us, while enjoying the reading times with our buddies. We pick the best cook among us and kick him straight to the kitchen for making a delicious butter-vegetable Maggie.


4.) Watch TV Seasons

The life of an engineer is really very fascinating. Exams and watching TV seasons (HIMYM, Lost, Prison Break, Friends, 24, Sherlock Holmes etc ) is a great and rare combo to experience on the night before your exams.


5.) Whatsapp – The Stress Buster

We spend ample of time over whatsapp chatting and discussing about “what to read and what not to read”, what is important and is not important.


6.) Student turns out to be a philosopher

The pressure of exams is so intense and so influencing that one becomes a philosopher revealing the deep meanings of life. The little philosopher lying behind those spectacles out-bursts in the form of heavy vocabulary and a serious tone in the voice.

Greek philosophers

7.) National issues becomes the concerns

The group of friends who consider themselves to be the most cool and funky people in the whole campus suddenly feels attracted and are tempted to have serious discussions on politics and the education system. Sipping mugs of coffee, hogging maggie and holding that pressure of examinations, one intends to change the “Badly Rooted” education system.

Despicable Me Minions4

8.) Selfies:

Snap chats and instagram gets a kick during such times. Selfies become an engineer’s expressions; expressions that reveals the pain in their eyes regarding the exams.


9.) Parties and Nightouts

After having a rigorous analysis about the time that particular technical subject can possibly take to digest, we come up with a conclusion that “Still….We have a lot of time left”, which becomes the reason to have a smashing party.


10.) That moment of ultimate realization

This is the ultimate reaction which we give when we realize that the course completion is actually a long way to go.


Anything to add up to this story?


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