The best moments for students is end of examination. A feeling of relief and “that” big smile implicitly is placed over your face when exam ends, on face of every student. 10 things that every student does when exam ends are follows :

Throw away all the question papers of subjects that you appeared on examination

Well, that sounds a bit shocking, but, it’s true. Most of the students keep the Question papers with them and after examination, they count the number of questions they attended and make a ruff decision of marks they will get. To some expect this is always a tonic, our mind scrambles through the paper and starts expecting marks and counts each of them and makes its own decision about the paper. So it’s better to Flush the Question paper, and make a mindset that everything is going to be alright – just being positive.



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Take a long long long sleep

Most of the students get Insomniac during exams. A hyper tense in mind that how the exam will go? Will I able to score good marks? It’s but natural that most of us will end up with less sleep during exam days, so it’s better now to take a long sleep for a few days and relax your mind from hype.



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Start Exercising

After taking long naps, make sure you start exercising. We end up our daily activities during examination sometimes its exercise too! So start exercising, start going gym if you use to go earlier. Keep yourself fit again!Excersing


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Watch Movies

You would have missed many new movies that came up during your examination days. Now it’s relevant to start watching them now. Download them, set up your laptop/PC, get a head phone and continue watching them all. You have nothing else to worry so keep watching.

Watching Movie

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Continue with your activities that you left during exams

Actually the hardest part of the exam is, you stop doing what you use to do! It may be anything that you stopped, now its correct time to start them!



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Start something new which makes you happy

While continuing with things that you use to do! Make sure you start something new, a new activity that you like during this vacation. Start finding the things which you want to learn, Explore. Make a list of such things and start them all in your meantime.


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Start spending time with family

Oh yeah, family comes the first. During your examination, it’s but natural that you must be not able to give time to your family. Lunch and Dinner to go irregular; you would not even meet them during this. Well, it’s time to give time to them. Start spending time with family, Create new things, Watch something with family, Go for a trip or picnic.



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Go for Party and long drives with friends

Probably that is the one  most struggling person with whom you spent more time during your exam. So now it’s time to do party with them J . Bang on with them, go to parties and long drives.



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Again, start long chats with friends and Boyfriend/Girlfriend

It’s hardest time for the Lovers! You hardly manage to talk with them during exams. Just a small 10 mins talk twice is what you can manage almost with your beloved. You can now make them happy start your long day night chats. Talk with them for hours with no worries.



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When vacation ends get ready for the next semester

Yeah, after all, such fun, it’s time to get ready for your next semester. Pack up the bag next semester is coming!!


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