Do you love meeting new people?

If you do then probably you’ll like this post.

We meet people in our lives daily, online and offline. In the online case sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+ and skype are common where you can talk using text, audio or video, doesn’t matter.

But everything on these sites is organized, the people you connect with, the people you chat with, the suggestions you get everything works in an organized manner. Whether connecting with people you already know or check out unknown people, all of it happens in an organized manner.

On the other hand, there are many sites on the web which works in a random way. These sites allow you to chat with unknown people and how does it select people for you?


Though everything is organized in working of these sites but the people with whom these sites connect you with are chosen randomly.

How these sites work are, they ask you to enter your interests and then they find group of other people who have same interests and connect you with people in that group randomly.

So now without wasting any other moment let us continue with the list.



The reason I have kept this site at the first position in my list is that thy take adult content very seriously. And their interest filter which connects you with people of same interests also works great.

You can also connect this app with facebook to help it better filter people according to your interests, also it allows you to find people of same interests according to your location.



This is one of the most popular video chat sites on the web and the best about it is (which I like) is that you can set up your profile which allows you to know the person whom you are talking to.

You can filter people who have a webcam or don’t and this site also supports filtering on the basis of Location.

This site also takes serious measures against adult content so its safe to use it and Fun too.



This is also a popular video chatting site to connect with strangers, Like others it also filters people on the basis of common interests.

The problem with Omegle is that they say that they are monitoring adult content but their monitoring is not enough to stop it so you may find lot of such stuff.

So if you are not old enough to handle such content then I recommend that you go with the above two.

Over to you

So what do you think about these sites?

Do you love connecting with strangers?

Have you ever used any of these sites before? If you had do share your views with us via comments :-)



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