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What if your media library comprises of too large amount of data? You won’t be able to fit the same on your iOS devices. So, here is the solution to your problem to run Plex Media Server on iOS devices.

So, basically I am going to show you two methods to do the same. Lets begin with the first method.

Method 1 :- Stream .mkv file with Plex

Have you been wondering till date that what actually Plex Media Server is? Well, than Plex Media Server runs with Windows and Mac. It scans all of your videos, photographs and music as well. The smart thing about Plex Media Server is its automatic bifurcation into different categories of TV shows, movies and so on. Not only this but also fetches episode’s information and other metadata directly from the internet.

Step 1 : First you’ll require to download the Plex From here.



Step 2 : After the Plex is downloaded, launch this application. After the application is launched successfully you’ll be able to find out an icon of “arrow” on the top menu bar of Mac. For windows this same icon will be available below i.e. in tray icons. When you’ll open this, you’ll be asked to sign up which is not mandatory so you can skip it.

To start Plex Media Server, click this arrow icon and go to the media and then the media server will open as shown in the below screen shot.

SS 2-w790-h546

Step 3 : Click the “+” button from “My Library“. After clicking you’ll be encountered with a pop up menu which will have different categories like “Movies, TV shows, music or photos”. You can add any type to add media i.e. according to your wish.


Step 4 : After adding and selecting your media type, the next step is to point or provide the path of your music library i.e. where does it lie.


After selecting your folder, click save and now Plex will automtically scan your media library and will find out movies, vedios and TV shows’s “Meta data” from the internet.

Step 5 : Now to play the file you’ll require to have VLC for iOS i.e. in your iphone or ipad. If you do not have it, you can download it from here.

Step 6 : After it is downloaded, launch the app nad locate the VLC icon at the top right corner to open the side menu. After opening “Slide Menu“, Select the local network from the slide menu.



Step 7 : After selecting you’ll b able to see Plex media Server’s icon in UPNP section in which you need to locate your folder.

Method 2 :- Sync your .mkv file with “VLC For ios” App

The above method is useful only when you are in a wifi network and when you have your PC to work with you, but what when you are traveling somewhere but still you want to put MKV videos on your iPhone? Don’t worry, I have a solution for the same in this second method.

You are very well aware of the fact that iTunes does not allow you to sync .mkv files. So, let’s proceed with another method.

Step 1: Open your VLC app and select the slide menu from the upper left corner and ON the button of “wifi upload” lying in that menu as shown in the below picture.


Step 2 : Now copy the IP address you’ll find below “wifi upload” option, and paste this IP in your browser and hit enter. In my case After pressing enter, a page for uploading file will open as shown below.



Step 3 : After you are done with this step click the “+” button to upper left corner and you’ll find out an option of file upload. Check out the pic below.



Step 4 : Now select the .mkv file you want to sync and wait till it gets synced.


After the status of the sync shows complete, open VLC in your iOS device and select all files from slide menu and find out your synced file. Now sway on the tunes you want to. Enjoy.











So, this was all about playing .mkv files on your iOS devices. If you have got any other tricks, I am craving to learn that from you and if you face any queries than I’ll be happy to solve them for you.

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