As we all know that we do keep updating our drivers, right?? Well in case of drivers, whenever there is a newer version out into the markets it always comes up with the bugs which are fixed. For remaining updated with the drives it is very essential for the one to know the current version running into the markets as well as the version is currently being used by your own computer. For knowing this thing i.e. which version of driver you are using we can follow these below steps.

Basically Drivers are handled through the Windows Device Manager. To open it, Follow this Steps

Step : 1 Right Click on My Computer Then choose properties from the context menu.


or you can press the Win + R Keys and type “DEVMGMT.MSC” and hit enter. This is the Fast way to opening  the Device Manager allows on all recent version of Windows. :D


Step : 2 Choose your driver device you want to check the driver version info and right click on it. and Then choose properties from the context menu.


Step : 3 After the Properties dialog box open for your device, you will need to switch to the Driver tab.


Here you will find your Device’s Driver version  so Check the Screenshot.


From here you can easily head over your device or Products’s website and you can see if your device driver updated or not.

do you keep your drivers updated? Let us know in the comments Section. :)

So this is all about a mini tutorial to find out the version of your drivers. :)

Any kind of suggestions and acknowledgements are most welcomed here as always. :P

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