ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH, Is that what are you dealing with right now?

If you’re trying open a particular website and the site is not loading any contents and if it keeps throwing you back with an error then it can cause a question in the head to see if there is any trouble in the system to why it isn’t allowing you to process through. It may be irritating at times, let’s decode few things about the same and see what can be done if the same.

The ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH is actually the error you receive when you’re trying to visit a website and the website throws you back with an error of ‘This webpage is not available’.


The basic reason for the ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH can be:

  • Website is blocked and not functional
  • Firewall having a blocked status for the certificate/website
  • Poor internet connectivity
  • If caches & cookies are not cleared
  • Add-ons or extensions that may implement some blockage for the websitegoogle

Usually, this error only occurs when there is a trouble that your system is facing in terms of being connected to the private connection on a secured website. This error is also related to the SSL certificate security that allows your system to securely connect to the website, basically working as a website security system. The name stands for ‘Secure sockets layer’ which enables the system to be connected to a particular website without any error followed on the same. In case if this certificate is unavailable, you may see the same error while visiting any website.

There are times when you may face this trouble then or unwanted certificate have been downloaded on your system that restricts other application to function properly.

The initial check on the same shall be done if the certificate game has been mismatched to control the website content. In this specific case, the client moving to Kinsta had an authentication name crisscross which was hurling the ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH blunder. As should be obvious from the SSL Labs test beneath, this is really snappy and simple to analyze. As SSL Labs expresses, a confound can be various things, for example,

  1. When the site does not support the SSL certificate

2. In case if the site is not working anymore and the domain is still active yet non-functional.

3. If the site has the CDN cert that doesn’t qualify the SSL to function on the website

4. If the web address has been incorrectly put and lands you on the page that doesn’t exist.

If for any reason you are unable to fix the issue there are a few way around it and you can restore everything back to normal? A few ways would be to turn a few features off altogether and making sure that all the cache certificates stored on your computer are cleared.

ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH can cause multiple websites to hide the content. Let’s look at some quick solutions to avoid the error and fix the issue to continue to the desired website


Change security settings in chrome

First, you are going to have to visit this URL “chrome://flags” minus the quotes in the address browser after which you will be redirected to the internal settings of Google Chrome which are usually hidden.


After this step is completed you are going to want to find the option called ‘’Minimum SSLv3 version support’’ post which you need to restart your computer and then test your internet connection again. If you are unable to find this setting in Chrome or if making the mentioned changes aren’t working out for you and isn’t solving the issue then there are a few more solutions that you can try out which are listed below.

Clear the SSL certificate cache for windows –

  • Visit control panel on your windows system from the start menu

  • Look for ‘internet options’ and click on the same to look at the further menu options that’ll have to set related to the internet options

  • Post that clicks on ‘content’ menu and selects the option that says ‘Clear SSL state’ and clicks ‘Ok’

Deleting the browser history & cache & cookies

The caches are the initial reason for the SSL certificate not passing the website content. One can delete the caches as per the browser.

For chrome: Setting > advanced settings > Clear cache & cookie.

For Firefox: Setting > Option > advance setting > cached web content & offline web content and user data

Re-check the internet connection

In case of poor internet connection, the browser may trigger the error to load any content on the website. You can either check the connection by switching off the connectivity & stitching it back on or else you can contact the internet supply provider to use in case if there is any trouble with the connection and that shall fix the connectivity error.

Website being whitelisted on the firewall or ay anti-virus software that may be blocking the website

By going to the start menu section you can visit the control panel > Internet options > Firewall settings. If the website has been whitelisted it must be removed from the same or in case open the anti-virus software to see if there is a block from the same towards the website you’re trying to open.

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Irrelevant add-ons or extensions.

If your system has any add-on or extension serving the site, it must be disabled as there are certain extensions that also restricts you from using the website and provide the error of ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH and wouldn’t load the content further.

Enable the option of TLS 1.3

In case if you’re using Google Chrome to surf an articular website and the error pertains then you must enable the TLS on the system to proceed on the same.

  1. a) On the search bar of the page type ‘chrome://flags
  2. b) Look for the option of ‘TLS 1.3’
  3. c) In case if it is enabled or has a default setting set on the system then you can close the browser to refresh, If it is not enabled then you must enable the same.
  4. d) Once enabled, you can close the window & try to refresh the browser and check the website again for the connectivity

QUIC protocol must be disabled

If the QUIC protocol has been enabled on the system then the browser may not allow you to visit a particular website and shall keep throwing the error of the same. To disable the same you can follow the below procedure:

  1. a) On the search bar of the browser type ‘Chrome://flags’ and hit enter.
  2. b) Look for an option called ‘Experimental QUIC protocol’
  3. c) If it has been disabled already r has ‘disable’ as the default setting then you can close the browser & refresh the same
  4. d) If it has been enabled then you must disable the same to change the settings on the browser.
  5. e) Post that you can refresh the browser and check the website again to know if the connectivity issues have been resolved.

Enable SSlv3 in case if TLS doesn’t work

SSLv3 is the older version of the security system that allows the certificate to pass through for the website

a) On the search bar of the browser page type ‘Programmer://Themes’ and hit enter to enable the additional settings

b) Once you land on the browser page, look for Minimum SSL/TLS variant supported.

c) In the drop-down option, shift it t SSLv3 and shut everything off.

d) Reboot the system further ore to let the system make the changes to the system. Shut all the applications

e) Post the changes you may not be able to go back to the same page as chrome has already shut the functions for the same, in that situation you can follow the further procedure.

f) On the home browser go to proxy configurations

g) Post that you can scroll down to the option of multiple tabs and look for TLS 1.0

h) Make sure to check and test the Use TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 & TLS 1.2. Check all the protocols to ensure the settings have been saved on the system. Check SSL 3.0 is assessed.

i) Now you may click on apply’ and wait for the system to save the changes, post which you can reboot the system to save the changes on the system and try opening the same website again post the restart of your system.

Final Words

These are the reason you may come across in terms of the error err_ssl_version_or_cipher_mismatch and the solutions will help you resolve the same and open the website content without any trouble. The reasons have accommodated almost all of the reasons that you may face, in case if your error pertains to be different from what has been mentioned in the article, you can still try to use the solutions and that shall help in fixing the error within minutes. Post the changes, let the system be for few minutes for it to make the changes once the systems have been restarted.

STILL facing problems? Kindly comment down so we can help you with the same.

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