Hello everyone! This time I am writing related to some technical stuff. How many of them fascinate to be a great Android Developer but are scared of trying or are unable to start because somehow you lack that area of typical “CODING” domain. Yes, you have to know JAVA to build Android apps that too on a definite basis. So, does that mean you need to put it off your dream? Oh… common now, don’t have that sad expression and a tinge of sigh of not knowing JAVA. I can help you know about an app developed by the MIT institute for those who do not know coding and JAVA but still can build the Android apps. Trust me it is very hassle free and free from any freakish ways to code.

So, let me start answering right from your very first excited question “HOW”.

Well, to begin answering your HOW, firstly I would like you all to get through this official link of Mit AppInventor.

MIT App inventor is basically one open source project from well known MIT to help people who want to develop android apps without basic knowledge of coding languages.


Not only its build is easy but also its testing and deployment are equally easy. Yes, you can test your applications in your Android embedded Smartphone with the help of “MIT AI2 Companion” application. This is basically an emulator which helps you to quickly test your apps and polish them accordingly.




You need to go to MIT App Inventor’s official website and surf some tutorials for commencing your build of the app. The tutorials are very helpful in understanding the basics of building your very first application.

You are just few simple steps away from building you Android Application.

Step One: On going to AppInventor’s website you’ll be able to find two options Home and Create. Create will redirect you to your Gmail account through which you can login to AppInventor’s website.

Step Two: To start building your own project you’ll need to click on “New Project” and give your application’s name as per your wish. You’ll be than given a space to create your application i.e. a screen like that of Android Phone. It’ll be loaded with all the widgets like Textbox, Labels and so on required to build your application. You just need to drag and drop over the screen. You can change the colour even and make the changes in size and name.

Say for example if you want to create simple doodle app, all you have to do it select one palette (for doodle we need one canvas) then click on blocks from right side and Connect the Dots!


Please refer to tutorial from the website and you will understand everything, Its like a step by step guide!

Step Three: After creating your app just click on connect option, and you will be given one code, which you can able to scan from your MIT AI2 Companion app and also you can manually enter the code then BOOM! You can live test the app directly from your Android Smartphone.

There are other ways to test the app, as MIT App Inventor provides you Windows/Mac emulator application and USB option to your phone (if you do not have wifi available).

Hope you guys liked it!

Don’t wait, Happy building!



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