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How to Hack APK using Lucky Patcher

The smartphone is our life and source of convenience. With millions of applications available on Google Play Store, maximum of them are for free. However, there are still several applications that come up the demo and paid version. This something very annoying that you are playing games on your device and suddenly ads come up. But now luckily we have a perfect solution to this problem. Luck Patcher an App which remove the Ads from any app available on the Play Store. The app have many more features to offer so let’s take a look then and how you can hack apk using Luck Patcher app.

Therefore, you are looking forward to grabbing your favorite application without needing to pay for it, choose lucky patcher to help you up.

lucky patcher

Here we have a full-fledged article showing you how to hack APK using lucky patcher –

Follow the below mentioned steps carefully –

 Method 1 

  1. Download lucky patcher and allow root access to it.
  2. Minimise the lucky patcher and launch the application that you want in full-fledged version.
  3. Channelization and hit upon pro version or purchase application or whatever is written in the APK.
  4. The moment lucky patcher window launches, it would ask you whether you wish to try the application for free. Select yes.
  5. Choose upon Non rooted user and hit send a reply to the application.
  6. Hit done and finally, you have hacked APK through lucky patcher.
  7. You can start the download process and unlock the features that you wish to use.

 Method 2 

  1. Launch lucky patcher APK and search for Google Play Store in it.
  2. Tap about it and not open menu of patches option.
  3. Warning prompting- it is a system app. Select ok
  4. Choose the custom patch and select the support. InAPp. Lvl. Android vending.
  5. hit apply
  6. Reboot your gadget and choose the method one once again.

Selecting the custom patcher from Google Play Store shall stimulate the chances of success manifold.

Best to disable lucky patcher?

  1. Launch lucky patcher and choose the Toolbox located in the left-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Disable Google billing emulation – select

 Method 3 

  1. Launch lucky patcher and find the application that you wish to hack.
  2. If the application is available at a payment, you will find in-app purchases written below it.
  3. Press for few seconds upon the application and click upon the open menu of patches.
  4. Choose support patch for in-app and lvl emulation.
  5. Select apply and wait for the process to execute.
  6. Your device will automatically reboot.

In case your patch was successfully executed, say goodbye to the Obnoxious Google in-app emulation Window for eternity. Now you can buy anything you want for free. Probably you would have had APK using lucky patcher by now.

Lucky patcher is one of the finest tools that can help you to access multiple applications without paying a single penny. It is worthwhile for the game hacking tricks and other relevant APK available on Play Store for payment of real money.

The main prerequisite of using lucky to patcher APK is to root the device. Ensure that lucky patcher is installed and then launched in your gadget. You will be able to hack almost any Android game as long as You successfully follow the above-mentioned steps. Unfortunately, lucky patcher does not work on Apple and Windows devices. Therefore, you have to restrict yourself to Android mobile phones only.

 Important considerations 

  • Make sure that you download lucky patcher APK in your rooted device. The application is not available on Google Play Store. You have to particularly rely on third-party sources.
  • Installation from unknown changing the settings of your gadget.
  • The icon of lucky patcher it would appear right away in your gadget of that the download process has been executed.
  • Choose the option to modify at the moment you download the lucky patcher and launch it on your screen.
  • Make sure correct application is selected by you during the modification process. Wrong selection can give birth to crashes and problems in your system.


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