Awesome, Incredible, Marvelous, Magnificent, Mind-Blowing, God knows what else could I say about this movie. This is a Master piece by Michel bay. With almost no mistakes this time Transformers had broken all the records regarding its robots, alien technology, and even human capabilities.

Sound Effects:

Starting from the sound effects, it was just awesome, the tracks included in the movie would make you feel attached to it, the perfection with sound effects is electrifying and great as expected.


Michael bay is the director of this movie “Transformers 4”. But he didn’t create a just a movie this time, he created a new level, a standard for Transformers, he is an artist who’s direction skills are unbeatable for sure.


Mark Walberg (Cade Yeager) and Nicola Peltz (Tessa Yeager) are the main leads in this movie. Mark Walberg’s fan may find his role to be less important but that was the demand of the story. On other hand Mark Walberg stood to his name and provided us with a good piece of acting. Stanley Tucci (Joshua Joyce), villain turned hero, is fun to watch and provides audience with some humor.

The Plot:

Story is completely different and a new plot is set for the next few movies of Transformers. With two different enemies to fight, human army against the Autobots and the world on the edge of extinction, with all this going on, you won’t feel like even blinking your eye. Till now Transformer Robots were limited to Cars and Aircrafts but this time you will meet dinosaurs, pirates, samurai and all such unexpected stuffs. This movie brought a compete new dimension to the existence of life on Earth. Remember the meteorite that struck Earth thousands of years ago that wiped out dinosaurs from the face of Earth, that was no meteorite, but indeed a seed bomb used by the “Creator” so that he could use the remains to build Optimus Prime. Transformers 4 goes International this time, With Chinese company creating robots of alien technology the story leads autobots to china, where they discover that what those Chinese made was a new and better version of Megatron (Galvatron). He had an army of around 38 robots all with new kind of technology, on other side there’s a completely unseen enemy, “the creator”, who send someone to bring Optimus back. And what should I say about C.I.A agents, they were the ones who attacked autobots and almost killed Optimus Prime in the very beginning of the movie. If wouldn’t say more about this, because words cannot measure the excitement and the thrill that I went through. One thing is clear, there are a few more parts to be expected and this time more of Mark Walberg to be seen.


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